Cultural elections | Censorship, creative freedom, and Turkish series

“Creation and discussion, thought and joy. That is to say, humanity and poetry & rdquor; that is its definition Juan Cruz The starting point and framework within which a debate was organized by the Gabiras Foundation held this Thursday in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, moderated by the journalist, who, under the title Culture is at the heart of political debate collected together Manuela Villa (PSOE), Jimmy De Los Santos (PP), Gethsemane Saint Mark (add) f Joaquin Robles (Vox) to put forward their proposals on cultural matters.

Villa and de San Marcos in white. De los Santos y Robles, in a suit and white shirt and without a tie. The top three defend Specific measures and proposals for culture Which includes the electoral programs of their parties. The person in charge of Vox, a formation that never prepares or publishes a campaign platform on culture (so why was it invited to this kind of debate?) explodes its usual catalog of over-the-top headlines not backed up or supported by any data and among them: “The champion of censorship is the left.” I wake up And everyone knows that & rdquor; What (the left) do is provide services because they perceive power as a tool to impose their ideology, “The Ministry of Culture cannot be a factory to support an army of idiots; or “The greatest censorship is your law of historical memory, which forbids teachers of history to postulate a theory of history different from that which you profess to be an official dogma.”

In addition, Robles has said that he is in favor of tax incentives (already in place), for the patronage law, he has referred to Gustavo Bueno and has declared, during his speeches, that he is with the state of autonomy and long-term. Live the empire and tradition. Let’s move on to the actions raised by the heads of culture at PP, PSOE and Sumar.

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Strategic sector and social policy

As a “basic and strategic sector of the country” define culture Manuela VillaMinister of Culture and Sports of the Federal Executive of the PSOE, who considers it urgent “to lay the foundations for this be a matter of state” Confronted with a vision of culture that assumes, beyond its commercial value, ” 100% of the spiritual output of the nation” According to Jaime de los Santos, National Secretary for Culture of the People’s Party. The former Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid confirmed that his party “proposes a single Ministry of Culture that reorganizes all powers, with a cultural policy that places artists and creators at the center & rdquor;

Getsemani de San Marcos replied, “Culture is not only a matter of spiritual values, nor is it a matter of ethical concepts and analyses, but rather It is social policy Moreover, a strategic sector not only in terms of industry and employment, but also because of its importance in favor of human rights and a more just and For an egalitarian society: We will not achieve equality if we do not have cultural rights and access to culture, if cultural capital is the privilege of only a few, if we do not respect cultural diversity & rdquor;

Censorship and freedom of creation

Manuela Villa said: “We are living in a particularly troubling moment with this wave of censorship, the latest instances of which are generating a gloomy atmosphere, and I’m sure the creators are probably at home thinking I might not touch this topic. And this self-censorship is the most anxiety & rdquo;. The person in charge of culture in the SWP proposed to the rest of the parties an agreement “to Protect the freedom of artistic creativitygranting the centers autonomy through public competitions to their artistic directions or creating administrative and independent units of power, which they do not do in the places where they rule, but rather the opposite & rdquor;

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De los Santos noted that “Censorship is the worst thing that can happen to democracy and with regard to those horrific exceptions that have occurred in some places, they have my absolute rejection and my partisan rejection (& mldr;) but we are also able to recognize that we cannot speak of a return to a non-obscurantism Real, believe me, Mrs. Villa, and no artist in the house thinks what they can or cannot do because they are going to be cut back. Let the performers of the audience tell me in which department they felt isolated” He said. Some of the censored creators in recent weeks who attended the debate were moving about in the booths.

“We are not interested in your opinion”

Up until that point, Manuela Villa and Jaime de los Santos had organized the kind of duet they had in discussions about culture before Thursday, consisting of ignoring their colleagues, as if they were on their own and were taking advantage of the benefits of bipartisanship. .. a dynamic that was also preserved on Thursday until the 46th minute of the discussion, when Getsmani de San Marcos, president of Sumar Culture, exploded into a lethargic and dialectical peace and said to Jaime de los Santos: “We value your opinion, but we don’t care. We are interested in the position of the Popular Party, not your position in particular& rdquo;.

As de San Marcos reminded him, “It is not enough to say that they are isolated cases, and it is not enough to say ‘Well, they are infidels,’ but you have to say Take responsibility for shared governance” He blamed his own party, after Borja Semper’s intervention in which he conflated abolition with censorship, because “you give up the whole framework to the far right, which is just now.”

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Applause from the only audience and The golden minute of discussion. Later, he visibly angered the person in charge of Culture of the PP, who had given up his serenity to fidget like crazy and move around in his chair as if the seat was on fire.

Turkish series and Orham Pamuk

In the final stage of the discussion, the conversation focused on issues such as internationalization of culture —To add in favor of overcoming the Spanish brand model and betting on co-production, PSOE advocates the creation of a single window that reduces administrative fragmentation – Development of the platform for the artist (all in favor of) or proposals for Financing the cultural sector: a gradual increase of 1% in public budgets and a cultural fund in the return of income tax (ADD), nepotism law (ALL), and subsidies “in a more orderly manner and for larger amounts” (PP) or four-year British model (PSOE).

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And when all the fish were sold, after more than an hour of arguing, Manuela Villa states that Spain “is the third country with the greatest cultural influence in the world, but with fewer exports than Poland, the Netherlands or Turkey.”

Joaquin Robles, head of culture at Vox, responded:I miss this from Türkiye, it must be because of soap operas, the production of which the Turks sell a lot, I say, because Turkey does not seem to me a large potential country. And to save us all, Juan Cruz said, “Turkey is Orhan Pamuk’s country. Humanity, poetry, thank God.”

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