CSIF will demand from the government an annual bonus of 5% in the future pension for civil servants who work after the age of 60

The government opened the door to creating economic incentive programs to encourage civil servants to continue in their jobs beyond the legal retirement age, and the CSIF union took up the challenge. The federation that presents itself as the most representative federation in the field of public administrations plans to take advantage of the open negotiations in the social dialogue for the second phase of the pension reform and the open public consultation process on the civil service bill for its proposal. Create a specific economic incentive for civil servants in the negative class system, who have the opportunity to voluntarily retire at the age of 60. Specifically, the CSIF proposes creating an incentive that would allow officials included in this special system to improve their pension in the future by 5% for each year they remain active past the minimum age at which they can voluntarily retire. , 60 years old, “for those people who voluntarily decide to extend their working lives beyond retirement.” The union understands that this claim should not only be defended at the public office table but also in the social dialogue, arguing that public servants in a passive caste system (in the process of extinction) also have the right to access planned improvements for workers under the general social security system. For now, his plan is to bring this proposal, and another to widen the recognized gender gap for public system workers to include female civil servants in the public system, to the cabinet of the Minister for Integration and Social Security, José Luis. Escrivá, who since 2020 also has powers over negative categories, that you take into account. More information The government wants active civil servants over the age of 65. The difference between the increase seen in pension salaries, 8.5%, and the rise seen in employee salaries in 2023, 2.5%, is an incentive for civil servants in the system. Of the passive classes they choose to end their working lives in the expectation of more significant improvements if they retire.

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