Crisis 40 | Forty is the new thirty, they say, but the scariest crisis hasn’t gone away

When you are young, blowing out candles on a birthday cake is an exciting time. In fact, the more the better, because the greater the challenge of getting them all out with one puff of air. However, there comes a time in life when this trend reverses. Candles become too many And it is better to choose classic white and red numbers. Up to 39 everything is fine, the problem appears when the first becomes four. It’s time to enter The dreaded midlife crisis.

It is true that in recent years Life has changed a lot. So much so that what a 45-year-old wears now has nothing to do with what it was just a couple of generations ago, especially in women. This is due in part to an increase in life expectancy, but also to the fact that we retire later and later. For this reason, many say that forty is the new thirty. This does not mean that the crisis associated with this change in contract can be easily escaped.

but in fact , Does it have a scientific basis or is it the result of pressure from society?

As in everything relating to humans, there is no consensus. The behavior of people is so complex that, depending on the stream of thought, it can acquire opposite nuances. The crisis of the forties is an example of this. But let’s go in parts.

Andrew Oswald and David Blanchflower conducted research more than a decade ago and its results are still relevant. These scientists from the University of Warwick and Dartmouth College in the United States confirm that the midlife crisis exists and that it is also responsible for Plates depression And anxiety It was diagnosed in adults during that decade. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that this change does not, far from it, happen on the same day as Christmas. What’s more, it depends on variables as diverse (and a priori irrelevant) as the place of residence. And of course the genre.

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woman before that

Thus, according to this sample, Unhappiness catches Women in their forties. No need to wait. On the contrary, men resist more, so much so that in the United States they escape the crisis of almost forty until they reach the age of fifty.

Interests are also different in each case. Guys see how Aging takes a toll on your bodyAs for their masculinity, they even see how it affects their sexual desire. They also see forty as the time to determine whether their career is successful or not. And if it was the second option, if they were satisfied with that or they were frustrated. In their case, the crisis has more to do with The desire to stay young foreverIt is the time when wrinkles become more visible and hardly a strand of gray hair escapes. This makes them look for the solution in a file plastic surgery or in Aesthetic treatmentsFor example, based on Botox.

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It is such a complex phenomenon that other factors that may seem decisive at first glance are not, in fact, so. In other words, it doesn’t affect having children, not having offspring, having a steady partner, being recently divorced, or just changing jobs (or being unemployed). What can change this environment are the consequences of the crisis.

But these statements are not absolute truths, so it does not mean that all people go through the crisis of forty, or even that those who suffer from it do so to the same extent.

common signs

  • symptoms depressionSadness, desire to cry, loss of interest and pleasure, lack of energy and appetite, difficulty concentrating…

  • The desire to experiment the changes important in life. It could be leaving your partner, changing jobs…

  • Dissatisfaction Personality, reflected in personal relationships, in work, in the scales of recent years …

  • Search borderline emotionseither, for example, when doing extreme sports or taking a solo trip to a remote place (in people who do not have it out of habit).


  • surround yourself Like-minded people For your own good, eliminate toxic people from your life and focus on those who bring you positive things. This will also help insecurities relegate to a secondary place: a good network doubles the quality of life.

  • take your time. Whether it’s making time to read, do some exercise, or prepare food for the next day… something that makes your day better.

  • new style Objectives. But be careful, it must be achievable, otherwise it will generate frustration. In addition, when they are achieved, they mean small personal victories.

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