CPI falls to 5.7% in December and food prices rise 15.7%

Core inflation, which excludes unprocessed food and energy, rises to 7%

Prices recorded the highest price increase since January 1994


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Prices closed last month 2022 with An increase of 5.7%, confirming the moderation of headline inflation But with an important basket weight: food prices jumped 15.7% in the last month of the year, the highest since January 1994. For its part, core inflationwhich excludes energy and unprocessed foodsconfirmed its “sorpasso” for the general index and widened it up to 7%. That is, seven-tenths more than in November and the highest since November 1992 with more than one point of divergence with the general index, the National Statistical Institute reported on Friday.

This is the first time since February 2021, before the war in Ukraine and in the midst of Covid-19, that the core CPI has outperformed the general index. Likewise, this was not much higher (1.1 points) than the public data since October 2020.

In any case, behind the moderation of general inflation, there is a smaller rise in electricity and fuel prices that has not yet been explained by the disappearance of the bonus of 20 cents per liter, which since January 1 applies only to certain occupational categories.

There will be expansion

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