“Cotton test” for clean energy

To become the world’s first dedicated energy classification service based on blockchain technology. Enviroscale was born for this purpose: Electricity source control and to verify that it has been produced to the most stringent standards across the entire production chain, both from an environmental level and from an ethical and social standpoint.

The Spanish startup contributes with its technology to the appropriate identification of what is sustainable and what is not sustainable on the basis of international standards and with regard to the specific analysis and measurement of this environmental, social and good governance dimension, “because not all renewable energy is sustainable and it is important that we all, as consumers, are able, at the end Today, knowing who we buy energy from, how sustainable that energy is, and what we can choose to reward the most sustainable producers and generators”, expresses Enviroscale CEO Meritxell Pérez de Castro-Acuña.

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To do this, “it is essential to be able to certify the entire process, from the origin of the materials used in construction, to the various milestones and participants collaborating in the activity (producers, distributors, marketers and end customers),” explains Miguel Pico Perea, Director of Business Development at Blocknitive ( technology partner of this startup).

So that companies and those interested in knowing the information can access it, The power producer must contract with the platform first. Once you sign up for Enviroscale, you can access the platform with a username and password. «Once here, the user will have access to the indicators they have to fill in. Based on this information that is populated on the platform and thanks to the algorithms we have defined and the methodology we developed, we determine your plant’s score and sustainability score. We connect this through the blockchain with every single kilowatt hour that is generated, in such a way that the marketer himself can access this information in real time and this is the same information that is automatically added to the marketer’s invoice. So the end customer can see it on the bill,” the CEO explains.


The startup, which appeared on September 8, is the product of the innovative career of Soltech Power Holding (the lead partner) and incubator of its Aurora project. Currently, they have two marketers (Próxima Energía and Juan Energy) and five end customers (Bluetab (IBM), EY, Kio Data, Soltec and Powertis), but the startup hopes more than 50% of marketers deliver sustainable (and not just renewable) energy. In less than three years with the help of Enviroscale technology.

In the shorter term, the company plans to open funding rounds in the coming months in order to open the company to new partners, “in a way that enables us to simplify or provide greater speed and strength to our business plan”, confirms Pérez de Castro Acuña.

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