Congress will discuss the possibility of recognizing an increase in the electric bill as a cause of ERTE

Comprom is filing an illegal motion in the House of Representatives to allow companies to shorten the workday or suspend activity due to excessive increases in the energy bill.

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Parliament will discuss the possibility of that It can be claimed that excessive increases in the energy bill are a force majeure reason for proposing ERTE Thus, access to public coverage in order to be able to reduce the working day or temporarily suspend the activity at lower costs to the company. Compromís, one of the main partners of the government of Pedro Sánchez, has registered an illegal proposal in Congress to include in the labor law the increase in energy costs in the company as a reason for the removal of force majeure, the necessary legal channel in order to open the doors of ERTE in the face of this type of emergency.

A recent report by the Spanish Chamber pointed to the increasing costs of energy production One of the main concerns of the local productive fabricAs it affects 85% of businesses and for about 5% it appears as a possible reason for closing in the future if prices do not fall in the coming months.

The problem is particularly serious in the community of Valencia, Compromís’ region of origin, where Strategic sectors such as ceramics were forced to paralyze production Given the sharp increase in energy costs they had to bear.

Recognizing the rise in the energy bill as a reason for ERTE will allow companies in the affected sectors to propose reductions in working hours or temporary cessation of activity in a simpler and more economical way, as it will allow them to be exempt from paying social security contributions, being the public treasury that will temporarily take over the payment of social contributions for its employees in a total or partial way .

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Compromís considers that although significant increases in the electricity or gas bill are not foreseen in the new network mechanism, which integrates the ERTE model applied during the pandemic, it does constitute a cause of force majeure by provoking negative attitudes in companies, Ep reports.

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