Congress refuses to pay 900 euros to deputies despite voting for part of “United We Can”

Representatives of Congress are left without Pay up to 900 euros They would have received it as part of a civil servant pay raise agreement that has been replicated to reward 350 parliamentarians in the House, but this will ultimately not include 1.5% compensation back to January 1 by representatives of the government’s civil service rips to compensate for the loss of The purchasing power of 3.4 million management-dependent payroll workers.

Specifically, the Congress, on Wednesday, refused to submit a request to the House of Representatives to increase salaries by 1.5% agreed for this year with the civil service unions. The resolution was adopted by the votes of PP, Vox and two representatives from United We Can, while the PSOE and the other representative of the Confederate group abstained, Gloria Eliso, was left alone to advocate for passing the planned increase of officials to parliamentarians. The latter, the parliamentarian United we canthe electoral discipline of the purple formation was broken in recent months after separating from the party leadership and according to parliamentary sources, the relationship is limited to formal and coordination issues only in conference table.

It must be remembered that this measure comes after the controversy over the approval of the same administrative body to increase salaries 2023, which is set at 2.5%, with a variable point depending on CPI progress and economic growth. I mean this 3.5% wage increase As far as what can be reached next year in the case of public sector workers, it is still valid, despite the controversy that arose in recent days.

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The council’s board of directors approved its budget for 2023 on September 29, which included an increase in MPs’ salaries as agreed to officials. This was agreed with the votes of both the PSOE and Elizo – other representatives from United We Can’t attend the meeting – while PP and Vox voted against.

conditional increase

Now, this increase has been reduced by abandoning the first section of the revaluation which was a payment of up to €900 to be received on the November payroll in one payment, as was recently introduced by treasury. It must be remembered that in the budgets, the government has already advanced to its ministers 4% agreed with officials, and both complement 1.5% now and 2.5% planned for 2023.

To reach the 3.5% wage increase in the next year, certain conditions must be met. Circumstances, however. Specifically, bonuses for 2023 are activated if the cumulative average CPI for 2022 and 2023 exceeds 6% and if GDP exceeds 5.9% next year. In this case, the two additional increases of 0.5 percentage points each will be applied.

In this way, how much money did the deputies give up as compensation? The 1.5 per cent that the unions scratched the representatives of the Ministry of Finance as a one-off payment to officials would mean an amount that would rise, in the case of public servants with higher salaries, to almost 900 euros (853, 7 euros). exactly). And it will leave from €256.1 For officials of lower salary category.

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