Concha Velasco in her new residence | Concha Velasco admitted: This is Concha Velasco’s life in a luxurious residence after his retirement from the stage

It was Concha Velasco, who was only 15 years old His first movie role with the movie The queen lives (1954) and from that moment his career took off. Women from Valladolid didn’t just focus on this art, they also did starred in plays And he released songs like beloved hey girl.

His last appearance on television was in 2016 to appear on Season four of velvet And later in the series Cable Girls. Since then, the artist has retired and, since February 2022, has been living in a house in Madrid due to to their movement problems.

This is Concha Velasco’s new life

It seems that the change seemed appropriate for Concha. In his new position, he didn’t just have it Vast green spaces To be able to walk and sunbathe, but there are many other common rooms such as gym, hairdresser, living rooms, chapel and many more.

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In addition, it is medicinal 24 hours It has experts in different branches such as physiotherapists, nurses, doctors and psychologists.

The artist lives in a suite, for which her family brought all her belongings I feel at home And you have the best amenities. Concha can come and go whenever she wants, although she usually does this when her children go to see her. because of his movement problems.

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