Concerts | Live Nation will denounce the Vigo City Council to demand Guns N’ Roses sponsorship

The lights went out though musical chords Guns N’ Roses continues to thunder in vigo. The promoter himself will provide Legal and legal actions against Vigo City Council To cancel the €1.9 million public sponsorship necessary for the California squad’s arrival because “without this money it would not have been possible at all”.

Chief said Long live the nation SpainAnd who guarantees it Iran With all the law Since then “we have no choice but to claim our rights”.

For this reason, he will appear with local producer Sweet Nocturna on Fridays at 1:00 pm at the AC Palacio Universal Hotel to denounce these “bad habits” affecting the entire industry.

Pino Salioco (Carinaro, 1959) broke his silence after focusing the past two weeks on the show that It has been officially cancelledcan advance “out of respect for the masses & rdquo;.

The head of the music industry giant was one of more than 28,000 attendees at the Pallados stadium in what he described as “one of the best concerts in the history of Galicia”, stressing that it was “Very proud of & rdquor; from the city’s response Although uncertainty.

This good review for “a moving celebration of life” he has extended to Axl Rose and Slash and Company, who have seen themabundant” After four days of enjoyment.

The Italian producer had been responsible for bringing Muse (2022), The Rolling Stones (1998), or Madonna (1990) to the local audience, so he decided to press ahead in the face of the “emotional and economic consequences” that it would have, in addition to undermining the “prestige” of the country. from the city.

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“Absolute cheese & rdquor;

Since Thursday, June 1st, this public sponsorship table of 1.9 million has been declared void by the contracting table, and has tried to contact the local government and the mayor by all means, which it accuses. a “Absolute cheese & rdquor; He did not give any kind of response.

During this time, Chancellor also scaled back his public schedule in an unprecedented way, canceling the traditional daily press conferences and limiting himself to business without means.

This outstretched hand was preserved until Tuesday, when Abel Caballero was available for a meeting that, despite his promise, did not take place. Keep in mind “sad & rdquor; you have to get to this position because”It’s the first time this has happened” Although he was confident that after such a complaint they would not be repeated.

“I understand that this is a bureaucratic procedure that exists in all departments and that you have to do it,” he points out, admitting he never suspected he was more than having fun. Verbal commitment. Talks for this event began in October, though it wasn’t officially announced until February 21.

Three months later, with 22,000 tickets already sold, the City Council launched an open procedure by which Exclusive copy rights & rdquor;a document that the domestic producer cannot deliver on time or form.

“I don’t know what group or interests the lawyer was defending but it went wrong: Vigo won & rdquor;

Salioko pine

Head of Live Nation Spain

Suspicions of other complaints

Salyuko is also not avoiding sentencing Ramon Perez Amoedo, who claims to have collected evidence to transfer to the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding alleged wrongdoing” undertaken by the Council In recent months though he ‘would like to see how the numbers do’.

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The music promoter claims he doesn’t understand “what group is behind it” and believes he “should provide explanations as to what his interests were, which are not Vigo’s”. In the same sense, he considers itThe play goes wrong” Since then, the city has celebrated once.

“Important square & rdquor;

The legal process would force a change of course in Vigo’s Live Nation plans, which they maintain they were willing to do Send “battery of events & rdquo; in a city they consider to be a “yard” & rdquo;.

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Its Spanish affiliate already knew the audience from Vigo and the Balaídos stadium from previous dates, which it described as “nice” and who trusted it to continue programming Top New Artists.

However, this obligation to the city will no longer come from the city council as long as the present government continues after it has been “planted”; Although it does not close the door to other departments or formats.

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