Computer Maintenance

Using a computer regularly every day will require awareness that you need to take care of it so that it is durable and not easily damaged. Maybe all this time you know how to take care of a good computer but it’s not optimal.

Caring for a computer is not only about taking care of the hardware, such as maintaining the machine, caring for the motherboard, LCD, and keyboard, but it is also necessary to pay attention to how to take care of the software or software on the computer itself.

To find out more about how to take care of a computer properly and correctly, in terms of software and hardware, here are the procedures for caring for a computer and some easy tips:

Computer Maintenance
1. Maintain Electricity
2. Clean Unnecessary Files
3. Scan Antivirus
4. Defrag Hard Disk
5. Uninstall Unused Applications or Programs
6. Enable System Restore Computer

One thing that is easy to do in maintaining hardware is that it is easy to do because it is easy for the eye to see.

How to take care of this one computer only requires your will to keep the computer and its devices clean.

Cleaning dust and dirt on the computer needs to be done at least once every 3 months.

If the sticky dust is not cleaned immediately it will become hard and increasingly difficult to clean.

For the outside of the computer, dust may be easy to see and easy to clean, but what about the dust inside the PC? You only need to use a small paint brush or a soft brush to clean the inside.

You don’t need any cleaning fluid.

Only by using a brush and brush, then the dust that sticks will be easy to clean and the cleanliness of your PC will be maintained.

The thing that you also need to pay attention to when caring for computer components is cleaning the keyboard.

Remember, the keyboard keeps a lot of bacteria because it is always in contact with your fingers which may be dirty.

Furthermore, do not carelessly put objects on the PC especially those that are heavy.

Also avoid putting food with soup or sweetened drinking water next to your computer to avoid damage caused by spilled water.

-Maintaining Electricity

You also need to know how to take care of a computer by paying attention to the power of electricity, guys. It is recommended that you use a stavolt or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) when using a computer.

Stavolt is widely used by people because of its function that can stabilize the electrical power on the computer.

While the UPS is a device that can provide backup power when the power goes out.

Both are very important to be able to stabilize the flow of electricity in your computer, guys.

This is so that no damage occurs when the power goes out while the computer is working.

Don’t forget to also use a fan near the CPU and monitor, this is to prevent the computer from getting hot quickly.

You also need to pay attention to the temperature of the computer if you want your computer to last.

Keeping this electricity flowing is one way to take care of your computer from the outside or hardware.

-Clean Unnecessary Files
The next way to maintain and care for a computer is to clean up files that are no longer needed, in other words, junk files.

Files that accumulate will affect the performance of the computer to be very slow and not optimal for work.

If left too long, then these files will take up storage space on the computer.

As a result, the computer will work very slowly.

Deletion of data also does not stop at the first step of deletion because these files will later go into the bBin Recycle.

So what you need to do is also clean the Recycle Bin of files that you no longer need.

-Scan Antivirus

The next step is how to take care of your computer by doing a scan using ativirus and clearing the cache that has accumulated so that your computer becomes slow.

Our computer system is a system that is easily attacked by viruses. If you feel that installing 1 antivirus is enough, you should think again.

Even an expired antivirus can turn into a virus on your computer system.

Always update the antivirus on your computer so that it works more optimally in securing your computer from attacks by viruses, malware, spyware or other malicious programs.

How to take care of a computer by manually deleting junk files, you also need to do a hard disk defragment.

This defragment function is to access files more quickly by processing the rewriting of data or separate files into one whole part.

This defragment can be performed on a scheduled basis in Windows 7 and Windows produced after it.

But you can also defragment manually. You only need an application called Disk Defragmenter.

The method is as follows:

Open the Start menu
Click All Programs
Choose Accessories
Select System Tools
Click Disk Defragmenter
But don’t forget, before you do the defragment process, you need to first analyze the files you want to defrag because not all files need to be fragmented.

Click the Analyze button on the file you want to check to find out the level of fragmentation.

You can defragment if the fragmentation rate is more than 10%. If it’s less than 10%, you can do it another time.

-Uninstall Unused Applications or Programs

The next step, which is one of the most successful ways to take care of a computer, is to uninstall applications or programs that you no longer use on your computer.

Same with files that you no longer use, you also need to clean old applications and programs by uninstalling or uninstalling them.

If you still save applications or programs that you no longer use, then this will hinder the hard disk’s work in reading programs that are running.

As a result, the hard disk workload is getting heavier and can make the hard disk damaged quickly.

How to uninstall all unused programs and applications is very easy, namely in the following way:

Open Control Panel
Select Programs
Click uninstall program
Choose a program or application that you think is no longer needed
Click the Uninstall button
Easy isn’t it?

-Enable Computer Restore System

How to take care of the last computer that we will learn is to activate the Restore system on our computer. This is very important to keep the computer’s performance good and stable.

The trick is to right-click on the my desktop computer icon, then click the Properties section. There you will immediately see the System Restore tab.

There will appear the words Turn Off System Restore On All Drives, you just need to click to remove the check mark on the left side.

After that the Rstore system will be active and work optimally on our computer.

We’ve learned 7 ways to maintain a computer that are easy for you to apply and don’t require a lot of effort to do it.

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