Commitment to sustainability and the development of renewable gases

“Energía26” will include an investment of more than 1,000 million euros over 5 years (2022-26), focusing on intensifying its growth in the deployment of sustainable infrastructure and energy transition, as well as supporting the sector’s transformation in terms of sustainability and efficiency. In the words of its CEO, Fidel Lopez Soria, “We want to commit to local value generation and for this we will allocate investments of over €1,000 million to prepare Redexis for the energy transition, promoting the development of local supply chains. And Create 1000 new jobs Direct and indirect additional

The plan aims to grow three main axes: the gas infrastructure business, the development of renewable gas projects, and the enhancement of energy efficiency for its customers, including the self-consumption of solar energy.

Efficient and sustainable

Redexis infrastructures are compatible with renewable gases such as bio-methane or green hydrogen, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and the decarbonization target set for 2050. Redexis currently has 12,000 km of its own infrastructure spread over 14 autonomous regions, It reaches 40 provinces and provides gas access to 760,000 supply points scattered throughout the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

This vision of the future towards renewable gases is already a reality for the company, which is currently developing several bio-methane and green hydrogen projects. Redexis plans to inject bio-methane directly into its distribution network, but also has a plan to vertically integrate it into production, thus contributing to decarbonization and achieving circular economy goals by utilizing existing waste. The goal is to have more than 15 bio-methane plants by 2026 for injection and over 60 injection facilities.


One of these first projects will be Galivi Solar in Lorca, Murcia, which consists of building, operating and maintaining a bio-methane injection facility produced at the waste treatment plant which includes a branch line connecting the Galivi facilities with the company’s supply network. In parallel, the development and promotion activities of its own biogas production plants have already begun, which will materialize after the administrative processing operations in the coming years.

With regard to green hydrogen, the company continues to bet on the implementation of projects in the medium and long term, with the aim of forming part of More than 10 green hydrogen projects in 2026 Built and operated, the most relevant is the construction of the first hydrogen pipeline in Spain with 100% green hydrogen circulation, which is being implemented on the island of Mallorca and will be operational in the coming months. It’s part of the “Green Hysland” initiative, which is already producing renewable hydrogen from solar energy at the Lloseta plant, which includes a green hydrogen ecosystem on the island. The commitment is firm in the development of this energy carrier that will allow decarbonization of thermal processes that have hitherto been difficult to decarbonize and for long-distance transportation and passenger transport.

In terms of mobility, Redexis already has 25 fuel stations, both LNG and CNG, and aims to expand the network to another 60, focusing on LNG for long-distance transportation fleets and CNG as a solution for service fleets. Participation in the Desire H2 project that Thinking of building 100 hydrogen (hydrogen refueling stations) located in the main transport corridors of the country and nerve centers in the region.

Energy efficiency is another major focus of the company, which aspires to develop 190 megawatt-hours of autonomous solar energy consumption with a focus on the B2B sector, and to continue to cooperate with its customers in developing solutions, for example, in the field of cogeneration, to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in its facilities.


To carry out its activity, Redexis relies on three main axes of growth: talent, innovation and digitization, without neglecting the sustainability inherent in each of them. It has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2026 directly, as well as fully offsetting its total emissions by avoiding the emission of 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for the same year.

Redexis develops its activity in a favorable environment and has a future in which it will continue to develop and be part of the energy transition, developing renewable gas projects and contributing to decarbonization.

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