Commissioner Pedro Ajudo: “Artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT can assist in police investigations” | technology

Commissioner Pedro Agudo (Lugo, 1967) is responsible, as Chief of the Digital Transformation Brigade, for the coordination of open source tools for the Police. Outside the Security Service, they are known as Osint. But the police officer does have access to court orders and other legal resources: “The first discussion I had was figuring out what are open source and what are not open source,” he says. He adds that the police use “Occident Prohibited”.

Agudo gave a talk about his work at C1b3rwall, the annual police cybersecurity conference at the National Police School in Avila that brings together thousands of attendees each year. Agudo was the commissioner who led the investigation into the murder of the young Samuel Luiz in A Coruña in 2021. There he used artificial intelligence to explain the video of the events: “They say I was the first to seek help from AI and image treatment”.

That year, Agudu also went to the House of Representatives to testify at the Commission of Inquiry on the use of internal resources in favor of the People’s Party. Now, with his business in charge of Osint Technologies, he is in Madrid at the same time that another Galician, Alberto Núñez Viejo, is the favorite to be the next head of government. Google’s search illustrates a dark past: “Yeah, yeah, 50% hate me and the other half love me,” he says, joking about improving his SEO to look better. In 2022, Commissioner Santiago Maroto, who had begun to direct Osente’s work in the police, sends him the baton: “The first to direct it is the purely technological Commissioner, Santiago Maroto, who knows a lot. I come from A Coruña and I go to this department and Maroto teaches and trains me Until he asked me to lead the Osint group in 2022.

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ask. Does Osint to the police mean something different?

Answer. What we want is to make the most of the resources we have, whether they are free or not. From the section we evaluate technology. Many companies come to see us with Osint technology. Improvements approximately monthly. Maroto and I were researchers and we know what we want.

s. But the police don’t just use “open source”. The police often have access to the phone, to the search history. They are not “open” resources.

R was found. Yes, but court-ordered access takes style to master. If you extract after getting the court order and mastering Osint’s techniques, you will get more performance.

s. Is it a job where you have to learn everything?

R was found. little bit. I improve myself because I learn from companies. If you have daily visits from companies that come to bring you the latest technology, you will learn so much more.

s. Sometimes the bad guys make it easy and post photos of their work on Instagram.

R was found. Robbery gangs, sometimes Romanian or Georgian, often commit a crime and uncover the loot for hours.

s. To pimp or sell?

R was found. A pimp uploads it to the networks, thinking the police won’t follow through. We have arrested many people like that. Photography not only gives identity, it also gives place. We also saw pictures of the meetings posted on the networks. There are other mafia groups that like to show off, for example the Camorra, showing up in Ibiza with popular girls or stolen watches.

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s. Any info on TikTok too?

R was found. There are many videos on TikTok of people we might be looking for. If you were able to track a profile because you were able to identify it, then you have already identified it. And if you ever see her in a swimming pool, you can check out the hotel where she is.

s. Even TikTok.

R was found. When you have an investigation, you go to all the legal stuff that can help you. TikTok is one of them.

s. Is ChatGPT Really Useful for Search?

R was found. Why not? For data collection, AI can actually help with investigations. For example, with the economic structure, firm, relations between people, synergies between firms. How the global structure works or is updated as ChatGPT-4 [que ya puede conectarse a internet] to the current structure? It can help journalists a lot.

s. But the police too?

R was found. sure of course.

Pedro Agudo, in Avila.
Pedro Agudo, in Avila.

s. Is there artificial intelligence in other fields?

R was found. According to data protection law, when it comes to facial recognition, anything is possible. But it is more oriented towards the future.

s. how?

R was found. Facial or anthropometric recognition will be improved. Police just introduced a system called Apis. It has a facial recognition feature that is already working very well, but the most important thing is what will happen in the future. Artificial intelligence can improve these types of tools.

s. But there are legal limits.

R was found. Only if it is compliant with data protection law. If you have a video camera law passed that allows you to record, AI can improve that tool.

s. How does Osint work within the investigation?

R was found. In all ways. Within a judicial investigation, at the beginning of the investigation for submission to the judge or public prosecutor, it also serves as a preventive measure. If hate is discussed in various forums, it will be necessary to find out whether they are committing crimes or not.

s. how?

R was found. There are preventive searches. We know that there is a certain forum for people who talk about the Holocaust. There can be a hate crime. This should be checked preventively. Or if you enter a free forum and leave a trace, that is also Osint because you don’t need any permission to access that forum. You are still able to select an alias and see where they are and who they met within the network.

s. Then the steps are limited to the citizens.

R was found. The most restrictive is always sued. There are stable guarantees. I miss searching. Here I just coordinate. If I were in a research unit tomorrow, I would take everything I learned to investigate. We evaluate the tool and make it available to operating units. I know what to look for. I am a go to who has done my business for years.

s. What is the difference with people who do asnt outside the police?

R was found. There are specialists outside the body who use resources better than we do. We also train people like that in the body and we have a lot. But there are people out there who have made Oscent all their lives. You have to walk by the experts on the street because they have so much information. When we use these methods, you can’t let the investigators release them. There is a colleague who is supervising.

s. In the talk, he said that emoji is a new language for criminals.

R was found. The bad guys use another language. We have evolved from a drug theme on Encrochat Mobile. We entered this system and decrypted it. But today, if you are not fluent in the emoji language, you can be excluded from the intervention. They use regular phones, but if you are looking for communication between criminals who only use codes, and if you don’t have their passwords, you won’t find out. It’s like Enigma, the coded language of the Nazis.

s. But is snow a drug, for example?

R was found. Some are easy. But others are words. That’s why I mention Enigma.

s. Like hieroglyphs.

R was found. Clear. I can mean “reunion” and the smile is orange. This is on another phone. Everything evolves and the bad guys too. You have to find the source code.

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