comic | The “power rot” mocked by Ramon Lull comes to comics: “We are political animals, in a party or in a P3 classroom”

“The harm caused by a corrupt government is incalculable. On the one hand, because of the evil it does. On the other hand, because of the good it can do and not do.” this reflection, from infection with rabies In these post-election and pre-election weeks, but it applies not just to any level of politics, but to the whole of society, seven centuries. Written by Ramon lol (1232-1316) in “Book of Monsters” at the end of the thirteenth century. “But it has a timeless and universal reading, and in full effect. It is a colossal work, a tale in which animals are an excuse to talk about the human condition. A satire on human behavior to seize power. We did not evolve, we see it every day: people do everything they can to stay in their seats.” , notice Cartoonist and illustrator Pep Proal (Terrassa, 1967), who took on the challenge of bringing this piece of Palma de Mallorca-born writer, philosopher and theologian to the comics, “was perhaps the most influential author of the Catalan letters”.

“The Book of Monsters” / “Lliber de les besties”

“Trying to be faithful to the original and keeping to its essence,” but taking it to its own graphical terrain, Brocal fashioned this highly accurate version of “Book of Beasts,” published by Bang Ediciones in Catalan, Spanish and French (with three different covers). , with an introduction by linguist and Llull expert Joan Santanach. “The parallel with the present moment is inevitable. In the book you see how they fight: the animals gathered to choose their king and the majority chose the lion. ).

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Power corrupts, yes: the nice way to call it the temptation of power, I think it is Power rot Brocal says. We have seen in this election that without bloodshed, politicians can even sell their mother and make deals with anyone. We are political animals, operating through a hierarchy of power. At a party, in a P3 class… There is always a leader and his accomplices, the one who does not speak, the marginalized, the clown, the entertainer, the principal; The whole of society is reflected in any human group.

“Book of Monsters” Seventh of the ten chapters that make up “Libre de Miraville”the most famous of Llull’s 265 works, which in addition to In Catalan he wrote in Arabic, Latin and Occitan. “And in many subjects: philosophy, theology, science, rhetoric, law, novels, poetry, biography… He only lacked comics. So I’m here to help,” the cartoonist jokes. “free of best friends” As a gift to the then young king Philip the Fair of France. So that he can distinguish good advisors from bad ones and reveal whether he has a fox in his court.

The King of Humans will be visited by the animals of the tale, too. “And they are horrified by the corruption they find: envy, ambition, cruelty, ruthlessness & mldr;” It details Brocal, who believes “Llull was a subversive thing”, because he made the animals choose a king. “Kings were not chosen. His advanced mentality betrayed him in his time.

sex change

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One of the licenses a cartoonist takes is to change gender Fox Reynard, which in Catalan is already feminine “guineu”.. “She is agitated for power, yet cunning and clever. She is the heroine of the novel, without whom there would be no story. In the comics she is the only female character besides Tigerwho rapes like that eagle, Which carries a negative charge because it led to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. But Yue Yue treated her very well: he gives her a serious and reasonable character role.”

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The author of “The Astronaut” notes that Yue “wanted his work to last over time and be translated into as many languages ​​as possible so that it would reach as many recipients as possible.” He himself paid for the translations from his own money. “I like to think that by adapting it to comics, translating it with graphics, though a somewhat free copy, respectfully, I contribute to its survival.”

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