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A perfect smile is a milestone that many people are looking for. There are dozens of toothpastes on the market that promise whiter teeth. Having perfect teeth is possible if we give oral hygiene the attention it deserves. In addition, in the home pantry, we find great allies who help us remove stains, care for gums, combat bad breath or achieve whiter teeth. Home tips for perfect teeth

Home hacks for perfect teeth baking soda: If you want whiter teeth, try rinsing your mouth with water with baking soda once a week. There are also those who directly rub the teeth with this paste.

Banana peel: Banana peels are less aggressive and effective than baking soda. After brushing your teeth, brush the inside of your teeth daily for about two minutes. In a few days you will notice that your teeth have become whiter.

Apple cider vinegar: If your teeth are stained, try gargling with apple cider vinegar. You will see how they are eliminated and you will also get a complete clean, because apple cider vinegar kills bacteria.

Sage infusion: Make an infusion with sage leaves and use it as a rinse. Little by little you will get whiter teeth. Another option is to rub the leaves directly. This trick has been used in some places in the East for hundreds of years.

Orange peel: The peel of this fruit is also very useful in removing unpleasant stains from the teeth. As with the banana peel, you only have to rub the white part on your teeth to get the desired results.

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basil: If you want to avoid bad breath, take care of your gums, and whiten the enamel of your teeth, basil is your best ally. Before going to bed, chew a leaf of this plant that is widely used in the kitchen and let it work overnight.

parsley: To say goodbye to bad breath, boil several sprigs of parsley with two cloves in two cups of water. Stir the mixture and let it cool. Then strain it and use the liquid as a mouthwash several times a day.

vaseline: With a sprinkle of Vaseline, you will create a film that protects your teeth from external aggressions. This trick is very effective when applying lipstick, as it will prevent the lipstick from running off and staining your teeth.

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