Cole confesses: “I asked Mourinho to sell him my car if he renews me”

Joe Cole (Paddington, 1981), a former English player who played for Chelsea under the orders of Jose Mourinho, analyzed some issues related to current football or that relationship with the Portuguese in the “blue” team.

“A lot of footballers have been scammed. I was lucky as I wasn’t. I’m afraid a lot of young people are being taken advantage of because they are not surrounded by friends and proper advisors. What risks do young footballers face? Bad investment schemes and spending are unrealistic and unscrupulous advisors. All this and more, and avoiding it requires education,” the former player reflects.

He adds, “I’m afraid some people will put the keys to their lives in the hands of people who don’t care about their interests. It hurts me because I’ve seen many players cheat and the people who pushed them towards these bad guys. The investments are still working now. How can you do that right? As a young player, you’re under all Kinds of pressures. So, when it comes to things outside of sports, you don’t have time to understand tax regulations or real estate investment portfolios.”

Strange tale

Cole tried to impress Moe with his Ferrari: “I invested in real estate and I got lucky. Only once in my career did I buy a luxury car. It was a Ferrari Scaletti, in 2006. I convinced myself I was supposed to have one, but it didn’t fit me. When I saw it In the Cobham (Chelsea Sports Ground) car park, Jose Mourinho offered to buy it for me. I told him I was happy to do it on condition he told to tell me. I had a new contract. Unfortunately, we never came to that agreement. It was the most extravagant purchase I’ve ever made Launch, and oddly enough, if I still had the car now, I would have appreciated it.”

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He explained the ill effects in his column: “My advice to every footballer is to finish their career debt free. Pay the mortgage as much as you can. Analyze your finances deeply and prepare for life when the big payments run out, long before they are all gone. Be realistic about what you will gain in retirement. My advice is Win until you reach 25, focus on being the best player you can be, and use the time to carefully select your players, friends and advisors.”

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