Coldplay Concert 28m | He spends 900 euros on the Cold Play concert and should be polling 28 million

  • A young woman goes viral on Twitter because she has to be a polling station on the same day as the concert

This Sunday May 28thSpain must pass through the ballot box again to settle Regional and municipal elections. In addition to those who come to exercise their right to vote, many citizens will have to come to polling stations to achieve their goals Polling duties.

And it is that the duty to go to the polling station if you are elected is just that, the obligatory duty of all citizens. Chairman, members and alternates who do not come to perform their duties shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year or a fine from six to twenty-four months.

From the Coldplay concert to the vote count

The fact that poor girl had verified her firsthand in the least pleasant way possible. The protagonist of this story is one of the thousands of people who participated in the next 28 million elections You must go to your place at the polling station.. With added details that The celebration takes place on the same day in Barcelona Coldplay’s fourth and final concert.

concert for her Said young woman paid 900 eurosAs a friend of hers says (@Maryada) in a tweet that quickly began to spread like wildfire on this social network.

Among the hundreds of responses that the post collects is the user’s response Rodri JS points out a possible solution so that the girl does not lose her ticket: “Well I’ll tell you, look, this friend is my literal brother hahahahaha and she ran away. You made claims justifying economic damage and showing when you actually got the tickets, plane and accommodation. Tell your friend and she’s not here all lost and that he has 7 days to claim,” he explains.

In what cases can you get rid of going to the polling station?

The Central Electoral Council collects a series of Situations where, if you have good reason to claim, one can do so Exemption from attending and exempting them from performing the position. Andn The same CEC document includes another section referring to Personal reasons that can justify the excuseas long as a document you rely on is provided.

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Not only personal and family reasons can serve to avoid being at the polling station, but also those related to worksuch as, for example, the provision of services on election day to electoral boards, courts and public administrations with functions related to voting.

As indicated by the JEC itself, the reason for the absence of weight must be presented to the city council, and proven to be documented, andN within 7 calendar days from the date of notification. Except for the novelty, which this year can be presented on the Internet.

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