Coc Mala: “Spain is one of the most complex countries for art and culture”

Q: You already have a documentary, like Keith Richards or Bob Dylan. Does this make you feel like a legend?

R was found. No, no, as Bunbury rightly says, the songs are not made with the feeling of legend. What it must feel like is a musician, a craftsman, and a beginner, because we only start from scratch with every album.

Q: In the movie, by Cristina and María Jose Martín (Lasdelcine), Los Ronaldos appear claiming to be hard workers instead of rock stars.

R was found. We were rock stars, but the industry in this country didn’t let you be, unlike the Anglo-Saxon industry. In those years it was very Electron And coarse Spain so it’s more complicated.

Q: In your story there is a central point of conflict: in 1998 Los Ronaldo disbanded and you saw yourself working alone with many difficulties, playing in bars, without a backing band and mldr; slight shock.

R was found. It was tough, but exciting. My crisis was more about breaking with the system derived than having a band. He. She heavy It is no longer money, success, but you must invent another life. It took a lot of people to stop thinking I was Los Ronaldo. They spent many years crossing the desert.

Q: In the documentary, editor Borja Casani talks about the moment when people are ashamed of their teenage idols. Felt a broken game?

R was found. I was not able to analyze it in such a precise way until I heard Borja’s words, which are very wise. Anyway, the bubble De los Ronaldo was very strong in the beginning, but he soon passed. That broken falls. I didn’t go from superstardom to full-blown comedy.

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Q: An artist who has lived through those ups and downs can have a cynical, skeptical or resentful view of the world of music, Job offer, swing public tastes and mldr; Could it happen to him?

R was found. I don’t know. Yes, I do have a somewhat pessimistic view of the way this country treats its artists. Spain is one of the most complex countries for art and culture. Cervantes is not treated like the French treat, I don’t know, Marguerite Duras. We don’t understand music as a sacred value, but as entertainment or as a service, with people complaining because you didn’t play a certain song.

Q: That fan who always asked you to play loud at your concert Bye dad. I mentioned one day that I was fed up i can’t live without you in Resistance. Do you feel love and hate with your songs?

R was found. No, you know how networking is. This phrase had to be heard in context. it was a joke. We were on the Broncano program, where everything is crazy. This perception of songs changes at concerts, where the audience pays to see you and know your repertoire beyond the best known songs.

Q: They were at other times toccata s rocopop. Now, Pablo Mutos and David Broncano. Did we come out winning?

R was found. I try not to go to places where I feel like I’m going to have a bad time. At Broncano I have an amazing time every time I go. What gives me a bad time is that there are no purely music programs and they are not 5 in the morning. It’s a drama.

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P. The documentary ignores controversies on the subject Yes Yes, of Los Ronaldos, who is accused of promoting gender violence. Don’t they want to give more scope to this issue?

This is not discussed. Sure, it was Lasdelcine’s decision not to get into this mess, I didn’t fall for it, and it’s a pleasure not to talk about it. It’s interesting to talk about what’s going on with freedom of speech.

Q: Are you worried?

R was found. Much. The Four Guardians of Morality’s message reaches where it should not pass: fiction, humor, art… That should be a wild land, beyond morality and ethics. Art is the graphic embodiment of the subconscious, which has no morals. It’s like scolding someone for dreaming something. One day I was afraid to hear an artist say “This can’t be sung now”. If that moral message has already permeated artists, we’re troubled.

s. The appearance of your wife Macarena in the movie is a surprise revealing that she broke up with her partner after falling in love with you at a concert. Have you hesitated to introduce this very personal brush?

R was found. I was the one who came up with the idea for it to come out, and it’s a very powerful moment. I saw the scene when it was actually done and was surprised. I didn’t know I would say it in such a blunt way. But I loved him. And if she had decided to tell her, I would not have censored her.

Q: Why not John Cale, who produced the album salty flavour (1990)? Perhaps it evokes an episode that was somewhat bittersweet?

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R was found. I don’t know, this question is for Lasdelcine. I don’t know if they brought it up before. I suppose it would be very complicated. With Cale, there was no bad feedback, just no magic. I still love it salty flavour; Rare Raw Album …

Q: In recent years, your career has soared like a phoenix. Is there a fear that this wealth will vanish again from day to day?

R was found. The concern is that the next record will be just as good. The other does not depend on me. The album is supposed to be finished by mid-June, so it could be released in the fall.

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Q: The discovery of the Divine Comedy had an impact on your mature work. Have you felt any other discoveries since then?

R was found. The Smile, Radiohead side group. I don’t know if he will be able to absorb my music, because his stuff is so complex and advanced & mldr; These guys are absolutely cutting edge: no reggaeton, no Rosalia, no hosts. Fon Román told me: Everyone’s into reggaeton and urban music, and the avant-garde is the sons of bitches who are on another planet.

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