Close Your Eyes, The Return of Victor Aris, will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival

Attend the close your eyes At the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, it enters the category It happened, For the merit that this represents in itself and, above all, because it shows that the film itself really exists, that Victor Eric’s fourth feature film – the story of the disappearance of a famous actor and the reflection on identity and memory – is finally a reality.

Biscayan only needs the first two, cell spirit (1973) and the South (1983), to establish himself as one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of Spanish cinema, and his relative artistic silence since he directed quince sun (1992) for more than three decades—and during that, yes, he worked the short form several times—he has only increased his international profile. And with that size in mind, it’s somewhat disappointing that the contest decided to leave close your eyes outside the group of titles that will compete next May 16 for the Palme d’Or, instead of being given a place in its parallel divisions; In this sense, it must be remembered that in his day both the South how quince sun They have qualified for the prestigious award.

Kaurismaki, Moretti, Wenders

This was announced by festival director Thierry Frémaux, this morning, during his reading of the list of feature films that will be shown this year at the festival Croisette. The list of filmmakers who will fight for a spot on the list of winners is, overall, hardly impressive despite being filled with objective heavyweights, mainly because most of them have been invited so many times by the sample that their presence has become a routine for her.

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Finn Aki Kaurismäki He will compete in Cannes for the fifth time in his career, and Japanese Hirokazu Kore-eda lHe will reach the seven entries in the competition, just like Turk Nuri Bilge Ceylan; to Italians Marco Bellocchio and Nani Moretti This attendance would be the eighth and ninth, respectively; These numbers, the eye, pale in front of a lot of Wim Wenderswho will aspire to the Palme d’Or for the tenth time, like these Ken Loach, who would do so for the 17th time. Of these, only Kaurismäki and Bellocchio have won the La Palma title. Loach won it twice.

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It is tempting, by comparison, to think New blood for both Todd Haynes and Wes Anderson, despite the fact that this would be his fourth fight for the prize and the other would be his third fight. The last movie Asteroid City – Gunshot in Chincheon, Madrid – It promises to bring the most star shine to the red carpet: The cast includes Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Margot Robbie, Bryan Cranston and Jeff Goldblum, among many other names.

Women’s competition record

In any case, the most striking thing about the selection announced today is the presence of six women among the filmmakers in competition, including several directors who are also old acquaintances in Cannes, such as French Catherine Brillat, Austrian Jessica Hausner, and Italian Alice Rohrwasher. Despite the fact that the data in itself is far from positive, since it represents only 30 percent of the female participation in the competition, it must be remembered that in all the previous history of the festival this percentage was not very high; And it could go up over the next few weeks as the showrunners announce several last-minute additions to the competition department, though really, it’s more reasonable to just hope it doesn’t go down.

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