Cloning of deceased actors and scripts written by machines: The impact of artificial intelligence on cinema

Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence? For those of us who grew up with stories about the Skynet rebellion, the computer system that runs the machines in this saga finisherThis question is rhetorical. But as with all unstoppable technological development, Perhaps the most correct option would be to shake his hand (almost) and acknowledge his potential.

The latter, and more specifically those applied to the audiovisual field, are the central aim of the study Switch report: Audiovisual increasethe research work of the audiovisual block in Catalonia. a A fairly comprehensive attempt to explain, with numbers and case studies, how recent advances in artificial intelligence are (The immersion and blockchaintwo other capital technologies for augmented audiovisual) Transforming established value chains. To do this, they use examples from three hundred companies, products or experiences from around the world, including Catalonia.

We’re already starting to see how AI affects music production: making you hum a song from drake and week That is, in fact, neither Drake nor The Weeknd ever sang. The Switch report focuses specifically on the impact of new technology on audiovisual production and post-production. includes, a bit like with The heart is in my sleevethe artificial creation of music, but also fictional texts, scripts, dialogues, graphics, and even videos, although they are short and simple for the time being.

Videos from (almost) zero

In the writing section, a tool like Dramatron, which can generate a complete draft of a movie or TV script, always side by side (it’s a speech character) with humans. Regarding image generation, DALL-E 2 Similar systems allow you to create graphics, posters, and characters in a matter of seconds. Make a videofrom Meta, makes it possible to create short video sequences or videos similar to others.

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What all this means for the film’s multiple careers is beginning to scare far more than an army of T-1000s. Another difficult problem is that the artificial generation of music, texts or images is based on the analysis of previously created works, almost always without asking permission from the authors of said works. The Switch Report is not based on blind optimism but addresses these uncertainties.

Simplify operations

According to Cluster’s work, AI allows “repetitive tasks to be significantly reduced in animation and visual effects operations,” helping animators “focus on the more creative aspects.” It’s becoming increasingly easier to change the age of actors, clone the deceased, or create them from scratchThe specialty of the American company Ziva Dynamics. And the distance between the human voice and the artificial voice is getting shorter and shorter, as evidenced by this Apple audiobooks narrated by Synthetic Jackson and Madison.

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But even in the studios and recordings themselves, there is a growing presence of technology: “large walls of LED screens, virtual image creation engines, tracking of cameras and dynamic lighting” together to produce results as compelling as those seen in The Mandalorian or crying 1899. Just two months ago Production company Gestmusic opened a flagship virtual big screen, with a main LED screen of 100 square metersHeadquartered in Saint-Just-Disfern.

Other business areas indicate (moderately weak) bet on it metaverse and the latest developments in the virtual reality and augmented reality market, as well as the constant movement that worries all who disturb, in NFT trades.

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