cleaning | What other uses can toilet paper have in the home?

Not all objects perform one function, we can also give another value. For example, toilet paper is not only used for cleaning, its use in the bathroom is also essential. Also, it is beginning to be practical for other tasks in the rest of the house. Many are already rediscovering its usefulness in the fridge. And even, with an alternative trick, you can properly sanitize all surfaces in no time. Find out what it is and why you can’t give it up anymore.

All you need is New roll and a splash of vinegarAnd in no time you’ll have a great DIY treat at your fingertips. Specifically, you The paper will become a set of antiseptic wipesLike the ones you always buy at the supermarket. To implement the method, you must first get a roll. Place it in a cylinder-shaped plastic container. Now pour two cups of vinegar on top and wait for it to absorb. After a few minutes, you can take out the cardboard inside and enjoy the result. Tear out pieces of cardboard and run them where you want to clean to thoroughly disinfect parts of the house.

What product to choose in the market

If you want to use toilet paper in a traditional way, know that one type or the other isn’t worth it. To find out which one is better, you need to compare specifications such as consistency and environmental impact. The paper is usually virgin or recycled. The latter is more environmentally friendly, but may be less pleasant to the touch. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly product, check if it has a stamped Ecolabel.

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Regarding size, more layers do not always correspond to greater thickness or quality. The best rolls should be soft under pressure. Be careful, however, not to sink your fingers in, or else the layers could be a little off.

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The cardboard roll around which the toilet paper is wrapped also has its uses. In fact, you can use it to make life easier around the house. For example, it can become a container for electrical cables or connection cables. Simply roll it up and place it on the roll so it can be stored neatly in a drawer. If you wish, you can also catalog them by writing the name on the cardboard with a marker.

If you’re into creative upcycling, you can also use the rolls as napkin rings. Paint it however you like, fold it up and put the cloth napkins inside. But that’s not all: have you ever thought about an original homemade pencil holder? If so, toilet paper rolls are perfect for that. Personalize it with wrapping paper or color it to your liking, fix it on a cardboard base and fill it with pens, a ruler and pencil sharpeners.

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