Cleaning Tips | 5 uses for shaving foam you didn’t know about

Cleaning hacks allow us to save time and money on home care. Some of the products we all have at home have more than one function and knowing that can help us be more efficient.

This is the case in Shaving foam A product that surely all people have come to see in their homes, and although it may be thought that its use is limited to shaving, the truth is that there are also some Cleaning tricks with this product.

What is shaving cream used for?

The shaving cream It is a product that is primarily used and designed to contribute to Hair removal When shaving the face and body, Avoid skin damageBecause it contains ingredients that can:

  • Open the pores.

  • Hair straightening.

  • Moisturise.

  • Avoid skin infections.

  • Preventing razor damage to the skin.

But it can also be used for cleaning

Although it might be thought that the shaving cream Used exclusively for body hair removal and shaving assistance, it can also be used effectively at home where it can be Powerful cleaner.

So Shaving foamIt can be very Useful for cleaning Certain areas and things in the house, and below we will explain what are some of the uses that can be given to it in the cleaning area:

stain remover

The Shaving foam It is very useful to Remove stainsmainly from carpeteven those with drinks like beer, even red wine.

To achieve this, it is enough to throw foam on the affected area and Leave it to act for 10 minutesafter which it should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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If you want to remove a file wine stainsyou will have to rub the stained area with the back of a spoon, to scrub it later with a sponge and rinse with water.

Clean the mirrors

In addition to leaving it flawless, shaving cream helps Prevent fogging of windowsTherefore, it is ideal for cleaning mirrors in the bathroom.

To achieve this protective effect against moisture and steam from the shower, it is necessary after pouring the shaving cream and spreading it on the mirror, Let it rest for at least a minuteTo clean it later with a clean dry cloth.

Clean kitchen objects

Basically, pots and pans can be cleaned efficiently, since Shaving foam Usable for Remove leftovers It cannot be removed even with a lot of rubbing.

In order to achieve this, you will have to put in a good amount of Shaving foam At the site where food or food has been hung. Leaves Rest for an hourThen wash it as usual.

Clean chairs and couches

The car seatsalso Sofas made of leather They benefit greatly from this product, as it helps to easily remove dirt and stains that can form on the surface.

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It is enough to let her rest 15 minutes On the area to be cleaned, to clean it later with a damp cloth Remove dirt accumulated.

Polish jewelry

Shaving cream can contribute to acne Sparkling glitter jewelleryalmost as new. To achieve this, not much needs to be done: just lather the jewel, rub it for a few seconds and rinse with water.

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