cleaning | The pillow cover should be washed once a week.

Cleaning is essential in your home, but above all, in personal areas such as your bed. Some of the items we use frequently should get a little more care or a cleaner, but these tend to go unnoticed. Like, for example, it ismyrtle pads, It is one of the products More dirt accumulate without realizing it.

Therefore, we explain below some of the waste and risks that a pillow case can suffer that will cause you Wash it once a week.

What gets stuck in pillows?

The cells that the body expels during sleep are my favorite food dust mites, Which also accumulates in our pillow.

Many experts have confirmed that no matter what room in the house is cleaned, there are dust mites in every home. Therefore, it is important to avoid build-up, the pad is washed every week.

On the other hand, while we sleep, the most natural thing is expulsion Sweat, fat and dead cells. All these residues, even if they are not visible, are there. Besides the Saliva, crust, or mucus It is common to leave it on the pillow. If you don’t wash your sheets at least once a week, all that waste will build up and cause unpleasant odors and poor hygiene at bedtime.


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For these reasons, experts recommend, at leastWeekly laundry. Most people are used to washing it once every two or three weeks. But the truth is that in that period of time, they would have already accumulated enough bacteria and debris that make the pillow dirty.

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To prevent this from happening, the best is to put your pillow case in the washing machine once a week to ensure that you sleep on a clean and above all, cover. Free from any substance that may be harmful at bedtime.

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