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House cleaning is one of the essential tasks if we want to live in a pleasant environment. From cloth and stain remover to the latest technology, it’s a good idea to remove stains or dirt from the rooftops of our house. The problem comes when there are areas that are more sensitive than others and we don’t know which method to use to clean them, as is the case with kitchen stove.

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It is undoubtedly one of the great parts of doing deep cleaning and one that gets forgotten More fat accumulates. Because of this, there are a series of steps you must follow if you want this area to remain perfectly clean.

Stove cleaning steps

To clean these surfaces it is always said that an anti-grease product is needed, but the truth is that with completely homemade ingredients and materials you can also get a good cleaning. Only with White vinegar, dish soap, hot water, a small brush, a rag and absorbent paper towels will suffice. Up next, these are the steps to making your kitchen stove shine:

  1. Turn off the gas: It’s almost the first and essential step, as it prevents all kinds of accidents before the cleaning process begins.

  2. Mix a cup of vinegar and hot water in equal parts: Also, you have to add a small amount of soap. Likewise, the soap you use to wash the dishes will do you a favor.

  3. moisturizes Absorbent kitchen cloth or paper: In this way, place the cloth over the handles so that they are covered and the surface clean.

  4. Leave 20 minutes to rest For the products to work: Once done, check if they are clean and if so, remove the paper.

  5. Wet with the same solution a small brush: An old brush you no longer use, use it Carving knobs Until you notice the removal of grease and dirt.

  6. finally, Rinse with a damp cloth And clean water: Once you’ve rinsed it off, pat it dry to make sure all the dirt is gone.

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