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Living with pets means having good hygiene and being careful when it comes to keeping the corners of your home in top condition. Especially if we are talking about furry animals Like dogs or cats, which although they are the joy of the house, can’t help but let go of some sometimes Hair-filled corners in your furniture or upholstery.

Despite all the methods that exist for cleaning them, the truth is that the best method is robot vacuum cleaners, which, thanks to their functionality, will make all the remains of your pet’s hair disappear.

5 robots killing your hair

The first robot will be the vacuum cleaner animal conga It has an adjustable force in three levels of 1400 Pa that collects all kinds of dirt, especially soil, and takes advantage of “smart” ability.

On the other hand, there is a file X-plorer Series 50 Total Care + Connect, A robotic vacuum cleaner that suctions up to 2,000 Pa, and even cleans with the Aqua Power system. In addition, it contains Google Voice Assistant or Amazon for any questions that may arise.

Model D450 Pet Edition from Neato Robotics It is also one of the most effective ways, due to its upright design, that allows for angles They are well cleaned.

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In the same vein as this model, there is a VR 201 Petpro, This is thanks to its slim design of only 8cm that allows it to reach angles which, usually, others do not reach, such as under furniture or a sofa.

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Finally, one of the most economic to iRobot is the e6 model, It features multi-surface rubber brushes that prevent tangling. But, in addition, the robot detects when its hair is shedding to suggest a deeper clean. The difference with the rest is that learn About the cleaning habits of each home to provide personalized suggestions with the goal of keeping the house as clean as possible.

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