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House cleaning is one of the basic requirements that must be adhered to Good condition your home. To achieve this, most of the people use several products to put an end to the dirt in the corners of the house. Despite this, there are some products that are recommended not to be used due to the effects they can cause on various surfaces. According to the OCU, that is Cleaning products you should not use.

Products to avoid

Toilet cleaners

Bath products are harmful because they contain more acids. If you have children at home, it can cause polluting effects if they put them in their mouths, causing them to Infections in the mouth or in the body. Therefore, according to experts, it is better to avoid these types of products and continue to use the traditional ones.

Oven cleaner

For oven cleaning, oven cleaners are always used, but the truth is that they tend to be quite corrosive. It is always a good idea to clean the oven after use and before it has completely cooled down, avoid it Covered dirt And burning it will force you to resort to more aggressive detergents.

Chemical cleaners

Dippers are very aggressive towards people and the environment. If the blockage has already occurred in your pipes, you will have to resort to mechanical systems such as Conventional manual press using a suction cup or with a wire plunger), as this will not damage the drain pipes.

Antiseptics and antibacterials

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Although they were necessary for the emergence of the Corona virus, now they are not necessary for cleaning, and above all disinfectants remain in wastewater and They harm plants and animals. Because of the consequences, it is advised to use a good household cleaning product and avoid this type of disinfectant.

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Air fresheners

Air fresheners and aroma diffusers consist of potentially harmful substances and solvents Harmful to health To the extent of causing health effects such as asthma, bronchitis, migraines, and others.

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