Clara Sanchez, New Academy at RAE

The plenary session of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) chose the writer and philologist Clara Sanchez (Guadalajara, 1955) to fill chair X, vacant since the death Francisco Prince on May 20, 2021. She was nominated by academics Soledad Puertolas, Carme Riera and Paloma Díaz-Mas, thus becoming the ninth woman out of the current 42 positions.

go out in it Spanish Philology from Complutense University With a thesis, directed by Autonomous University Professor of Hispanic-American Literature, Teodosio Fernandez, which dealt with The Mexican Narrative of the Wave: Gustavo Sainz, a study aimed at exposing how the so-called Mexican “youth” plagued the art of narrative and gave it an unknown freshness and irreverence. in Complutense I entered the field of semantics Under the leadership of academic Gregorio Salvador Caja. She worked as a university professor for 16 years at UNED, but has also participated as a commentator, columnist and contributor in many Spanish and foreign media.

In 1989, Sanchez published gemstonesHis first novel. Since then, critics have highlighted the originality and modernity of his novel, and its contemporaneity. After 34 years and hundreds of written pages, he has not given up on his efforts to investigate the ins and outs of the present, to capture what the times bring. “She herself admitted her obsession with extracting the extraordinary from the ordinary, the surprising from the routine of life,” RAE said in a note.

A year later it was published The night is no different. However, recognition came with his third fictional work, The stranded mansionAnd Required Reading in University Literature Programs, which appeared in 1993. One of its most famous titles from the point of view (ninety-nine ninety-six), secret every day (1999), Latest news from heaven (2000), million light (2004), gut instinct (2008), What hides your name (2010), Come into my life (2012), Heaven has returned (2013), when the light comes on (2016), The silent lover (2019) and Hell in Heaven (2021). His works have been published in twenty languages ​​and have received wide international recognition, while at the same time being the subject of study and analysis in the academic world. In Italy, all of his novels and What hides your name She has had over 60 editions.

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The novel is me Picati de Marisa Salas (2022), edited by Garzanti, Italy, “will soon arrive in Spain,” according to RAE. He has also written, among others, books by Mercy Rodoreda (broken mirror), written by Yukio Mishima (The sailor who emerged from the grace of the sea) or stevenson (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).

Among the awards received are the Alpha Guara Prize (Latest news from heaven) and Nadal (What hides your name) or planet (Heaven has returned), among other national and international recognitions.

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