Cites Barcelona depicts love in the time of Tinder

Almost eight years ago, TV-3 scored a goal with quotesAnd the Catalan series based on british fantasy that talked about relationships and benefited much more than that Barcelona from its predecessor, London. The production allowed us to witness the first encounters of some of the most diverse characters they’ve been looking up to Love and sex Or a few moments of company. Not everything ended well, however, as in life itself. your creator, Paw Frixashe thought that the series could give a lot of himself, so when he was offered to do a third season, he did not hesitate: the result is Barcelona quoteswhich finished filming on Monday, December 12th and will be released in 2023 TV-3 and Amazon Prime Video.

Although the starting point is the same as in previous installments, the dates in the title wanted to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new times in which Tinder and other dating apps are the order of the day. He asserts: “Nine years ago online dating was practically a taboo topic, everyone said they met in a bar when in reality they met on Tinder. But now it’s completely normal, meeting in a bar is a rarity.” Eric NavarroAnd the Show and co-executive creative producer with Freixas. So the characters Barcelona quotes They resort to new technologies to establish relationships.

That’s what they’ll do Jan (Carlos Cuevas) and Laura Clara Lake) in the first of Six chaptersFilmed at the W Hotel in Barcelona. said the actress who Eight surnames Basque s Limbo.

His partner highlights the motivation to play a role like this, very different from those we usually see. “In this industry, there is some inertia, and when you make a character that works, they usually give you others of the same type. But here I have a very different appointment than others I have in the novels, making the characters more leaders and self-confident. Here Yan is more Embarrassed and ashamed, he lags behind the character of Clara, ”notes the protagonist myrlie. sapere i like And talk smileywho is clear about the best place to have a date: “If he ends up at home, it means it went well.”

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From Carmen Machi to Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Along with them, in the other dates (there are two in each season and they are all self-contained), there will be actors such as Pablo RiveroAnd the Manuela FeliceAnd the Betsy TernesAnd the Edward BoschAnd the Aida OssetAnd the Richard SalesAnd the Jordi LovettAnd the Gonzalo de CastroAnd the Carmen MachiAnd the Belen CuestaAnd the Evan MassaghiAnd the Carolina YusteAnd the Miguel Angel MunozAnd the Aina KluteAnd the Ajay KumarAnd the Andrea AlvarezAnd the Paul LopezAnd the Babe AmbroseAnd the Alejo SaurasAnd the Albert OsielAnd the David VerdaguerAnd the Berta CastanAnd the Bertha BiariAnd the Joanna VillapuigAnd the Vito SanzAnd the Antonio Hortelano s Carmen Balague. And three repeats from previous seasons: Eva SantolariaAnd the Laya Costa s Nausicaa Bonin.

The story of the latter two, played by Paula and Sofia, is one that Navarro believes has been hanging on. “I always thought they should end up together, and for years I’ve been sending Pau Twitter screenshots of people who think the same. So we’re saying that in this third season, at least, it’s time we met again,” the writer explains.

In the new episodes, there will be no intertwining stories of different characters or a second meeting between them, as happened in the previous installments. “Now there are only six seasons and not 13 as before, so the characters cannot be repeated,” explains Freixas, who is also the director of four episodes.

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In Catalan and Spanish

In the series, Catalan and Spanish are combined, romance, sex, comedy and drama are also interwoven, “Curiosity and voyeurism“, according to Freixas. But above all, the I feel good. Characters come with Heavy duty backpacksBut they are fun people. They make jokes, but they talk about important things,” Navarro said.

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Beautiful postcard served quotes The Barcelona of its two previous seasons is now complete with new visions of its landscapes and streets, from the Raval district to the cable car tower and roof of the Ritz Hotel. “a College Of the many cities within Barcelona depending on the time of year, but also your state of mind, ”says Freixas. But this may be College It has not yet been fully completed, because its creator would be happy to shoot the fourth part.

Now, the third It will be released in 2023, on the same day, on Amazon Prime and TV-3. But while in the regional series that day only the first two episodes will be seen, the platform will show them in full. Because it may be in the love we are experiencing in new times, but also in the way television is consumed.

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