circles | This is why you should never leave water bottles in the freezer

the arrival of the summer time And with it hot days In the summer, staying hydrated is essential for dealing with the heat. However, when we go to places like shorethe Swimming pool also Outdoor excursionsWe prefer to enjoy the water frozen instead of cold. It is common for us to bottle up water in the freezer to keep it cold longer.

but, Experts warn that this practice may result dangerous And even harm us household appliance. the The main concern Come back to me explosion hazard Leave a full bottle of water in the freezer.

when it freezes, Increases volume by 9% to 10%which means that ifFill the bottle to its maximum capacityhe The resulting ice can break it And it causes an explosion.

This kind of accident can not only Freezer damagebut can also affect other foods that we have stored, causing Different defrost time. Therefore, it is important Avoid filling bottles to the brim When we want to freeze the water.

a A safe and effective alternative to have frozen water is use ice cubes to add to drinks, Uses Airtight bags also special containers Designed for freezing liquids.

if We need to freeze our bottlesit is recommended Don’t fill it completely and leave room so that the liquid can broadens when freezing.

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It is also It is recommended to close the bottles with a lid It allows air to pass through, preventing the pressure of the built-up ice from causing an explosion.

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Thanks to these precautions, we can Enjoy frozen water safely.

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