Cinema hotels and “summer vacations”

There are other audiovisual references to the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation ”” was filmed. , and where Bill Murray felt … Lost; the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, where Kubrick’s disturbing film “The Shining” was filmed; Or the Plaza Hotel in New York, where great movies like “The Great Gatsby & rdquo;” are filmed. Home Alone & rdquo; or “Crocodile Dundee & rdquo;.

Legendary films have been shot in Spain both for international productions and for national films. This movie that we have right now is one of those movies that will leave a good taste in our mouths this summer because it stars Santiago Segura and Leo Harlem: “Summer Vacations ”. Duo has already shown that he is a bomb on screen. It is a family comedy in which it was shot Arona Gran Hotel by Spring Hotels, in the south of TenerifeAnd an ideal place for holidays with children.

“Summer holidays & rdquor; It tells the story of two friends, Oscar and Felix. They both lose their jobs and are forced to take a temporary job as a children’s entertainer at a luxury hotel. Oscar and Felix, divorced, have to take their children with them during the summer month, a circumstance that makes it difficult for them to integrate with work, so they decide to take the children and hide them in the hotel, hiding in the employee and manager’s area; And, as often happens in comics, the whole plan turns out to be a disaster.

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About the filming that took place between The Madrid-Tenerife cast and the entire cast and production team relocated to the south of the Canary Island, making the Arona Gran Hotel their base of operations. And in one of the heroes of the movie. “We made an exception for filming with children because the Arona Gran is an adults-only hotel, but we could not miss the opportunity to have a place in the film industry, with the illusion that made us feel that way,” says Alexia Oliva, the hotel’s manager, who also remembers that within the Spring group, Bitácora is the establishment that best fits this profile of a family clientele.

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“Summer holidays & rdquor; It looks set to be a summer hit thanks to BOWFINGER INTERNATIONAL PICTURES led by Mª Luisa Gutiérrez, in co-production with CHAPUZAS AUDIOVISUALES AIE in association with NETFLIX and ATRESMEDIA TV, in association with MOGAMBO. The film will be distributed in Spain by Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia SLU

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