Cimic (ACS) acquires Novapro, a Canadian mining and engineering company

ACS is growing in North America with the acquisition of Novopro Ventures, an engineering and metals company based in Canada. It does so through Sedgman, which belongs to the group’s Australian subsidiary Cimic.

As the company explained, the main business and specialization of Novopro is project development and process optimization in metal processing for lithium projects, which is necessary at a time when the demand for this metal is increasing dramatically due to its use in the manufacture of batteries for electric cars, as Cimic wanted to highlight it today in Statement of its announcement of the acquisition of Novpro.

In addition, Novopro also works with other minerals such as potash, salt, magnesium, and sodium carbonate. to a subsidiary of the company headed by Florentino Pérez,

The company also highlights that this acquisition expands Sedgman’s service offerings to clients, from capital maintenance to the development of large new territories, “while reinforcing and introducing Sedgman’s growing presence in North America to clients.”

And with the completion of the process, there will also be a name change, as Novopro will be rebranded as Sedgman Novopro and will operate as part of Sedgman in North America. The company stated that the companies will work through a transition process that focuses on continuity of service to customers.

For Cimic Group CEO Juan Santamaría, this acquisition will “further diversify the services we offer to clients in North America, a key growth market for Sedgman, and the rest of the world.”

Novopro CEO Mazy Rajai said Santamaría’s words were reciprocated. “We are delighted to have found a strategic partner that will complement our existing services, expand our capabilities, and provide new opportunities for our employees and customers.”

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The Australian subsidiary of ACS continues to grow its portfolio and increase its weight within the income structure of the Spanish group. In Cimic’s main activity area, Asia-Pacific region, ACS has obtained sales of more than 7,000 million.

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