Chuty announces that he is back in the Red Bull cockfight stronger than ever

The man from Madrid chuti announce to him Back to Red Bull Four years after his last appearance to fulfill his dream of obtaining the world champion belt in 2023 International Final to be held in Colombia.

Chuty is back to revolutionize the “freestyle” world. This time, not because of his improbable songs or his crushing victories, but because of the sudden announcement that he will return to the Red Bull Batalla. The two-time national champ will try to validate that a large portion of the audience considers him to be One of the best competitors ever With the achievement of the long-awaited international championship in the mother of all battles.

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The man from Madrid announced his return to Red Bull in a press conference where he explained how he is doing Exact personal situation Recently, he has relapsed into the delusion of fighting for his only unfulfilled goal in his successful career. And so, four years after his last appearance, the infamous and controversial disqualification against Yenky One in Mexico (2017) that separated him from competition, Chuty will have to complete the entire course, including the galleys, if he wants to be a tournament national champion. The third time.time and reaching the finish line in Colombia, the venue for the international final.

The man from Madrid, twice champion in 2013 and 2017, tried to join in 2020, but His covid-19 positive has thrown plans into the ground. Since then, Chutti’s appearance in Red Bull has been a mystery that has finally been solved.

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