Christmas Sweets | Easy ideas for making homemade Roscone de Reyes

Making roscón de Reyes can make you dizzy. It’s true that it’s not the easiest Christmas dessert to make at home, but with… A little patience and the right ingredients and utensils It doesn’t have to go wrong. Of course, the first thing is to get a good recipe. If it’s from an acquaintance who’s already followed it up successfully, even better.

Of course, it never hurts to know some tricks to facilitate the process. Here we’ve rounded up four that perfectly keep the essence of this traditional dessert but make it a little easier to work with. And it’s a good idea to keep this in mind before you jump in and get your hands on it.

The importance of the times

It’s always good to start with crafting a day ago. In this way we will make sure that the dough has time to rise as many times as necessary and that the rocón is as spongy as possible.

High quality ingredients

Baking is such an exact science that it is very important to follow the recipe to the letter. But there’s something else that limits the final result of the dessert a lot: the ingredients are quality. And Roscón de Reyes is no exception. Fine flour (suitable for handicrafts)good and natural butter, a few drops of orange blossom water without additives … All this will greatly affect the appearance and inside of this delicious cake.

Good mixer

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Nobody says you can’t make more than decent roscón de Reyes with just your rolling pin and your hands. But there are easier and more comfortable ways to achieve this. The Thermomix is ​​infallible, but you don’t have to spend that much money. It is enough to have a good kneading machine. This way you can Work the dough continuously for as long as necessary. And without the shoelaces ending up in the arms.

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candied fruit

Many push her away. Most of them despise her. Some prefer not to even be there. But the fact is that candied fruit He brings a lot of positive things to Roscone de Reyes. Of course, this must be of good quality. If it is made at home, then it is necessary to start preparing a couple of days in advance so that it takes on all the nuances. It is also essential to ask the diners for a vote of confidence: banish that first impulse to push it away before attacking the roscón.

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