Christmas Lottery | The most surprising destination to celebrate being rich

the Exceptional draw affiliate The 2022 Christmas Lottery, which starts at 9 a.m. on Thursday, December 22, will distribute a total of 2.520 million euros prize money112 million euros more than last year, when 2,408 million euros in prize money were distributed.

In fact, Madrid is where most of the Christmas lotteries are sold, and therefore also the city where they are located Most times touch the jackpot. However, the chances of getting fat are far: according to statistics, 1 in 100,000 (0.00001%). But even so, people in Madrid celebrated “El Gordo” even on 83 is suitable for 200 yearsThe first time was in 1816 and the last time was in 2021.

With this award, one of the best investments will be to get away to a place in the world that you have never imagined.

4 Paradise Destinations To Travel If You Win The Fat

1 – Westray and Baba Westray (North Sea)

Off the north coast of Scotland, the stunning Orkney archipelago is where two wild islands are connected by the world’s shortest flight, a postal plane taking a minute and a half. Known as the “Queen of the Isles,” Westray is covered in grass, rugged cliffs, and vast stretches of sand. Opposite it is Papa Westray, the smallest island in the archipelago on which is an important Neolithic settlement called Knap of Howar.

2 – Sylt (North Sea)

Also in the North Sea, in this case in Germany, near the border with Denmark, is the island of Sylt, which belongs to the German part of the North Frisian Islands. It offers wonderful white sandy beaches and a very pleasant warm climate. It is known as the French Riviera of Germany.

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3 – Ile de Re (Atlantic Ocean)

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Opposite the French city of La Rochelle is this small island that is not known internationally, but it is well known to the French, and it is also very famous for its large beaches, the width of which varies according to the tides. There you will find charming fishing villages with white houses and blue and green windows, a very unique and beautiful picture.

4. Vis (Adriatic Sea)

Another paradise we recommend going to to celebrate winning the lottery is this tiny island in the Dalmatian archipelago, in Croatia, less visited than the other more famous islands in the region but just as stunning. It wasn’t very popular, it has still virgin nature, with blue water and lots of vegetation. In Komiza Fishing Village you can eat the best fish on the island.

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