Christmas Lottery San Ildefonso School Children | Why is it a tradition that children sing in the clouds? And why are they always from San Ildefonso?

There is very little time left to enjoy another year of… An unusual draw for ChristmasAnd the sons of San Ildefonso indeed prepare their throats To be able to sing numbers and awards, they all dream of being the lucky ones who say what Five characters will win Gordo.

Drums spin. Balls with numbers (many) and balls with prizes (few) Find matches on the wires of the tables to change some people’s luck. And in the middle, kids San Ildefonso Collegethe sounds of which became the first Christmas carols and mascots for the lucky winners.

But why are they the children of this school and not the children of any other school? those responsible for Winning the lottery?

The first landmark to answer this question dates back to Mid-fifteenth century. state of insecurity Long live Madridwith the bands of criminals roaming freely in and out of the marriage walls, along with the terrible plague that decimated the population, led Enrique IV to establish an educational institution for unprotected children. Not less than seven years and not more than nine years;According to Madrid historian José del Corral. The name given to this center is Children’s House of Faith Saint Ildefonso There is a race start in San Francisco, in the Latina neighborhood. Since its inception, the house has been an institution based on and supported by Villa de Madrid, an identity mark that is still preserved today.

Looking at these assets as good, this can be emphasized Colegio de San Ildefonso is the oldest educational institution From Spain and one of the oldest in Europe.

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Carlos V and the Royal Decree

It was in 1543 when Carlos V grants the royal decree that granted the foundation the assets necessary to carry out its activity. But you have to wait until the year 1600 for the school to issue its first regulations.

in 1884, Colegio de San Ildefonso, which at that time was already sheltering orphaned children of municipal officials, from the old facilities of the San Francisco Raceway to its current location, on Alfonso VI Avenue, next to Plaza de la Baja. Here, it has undergone successive renovations and extensions to adapt to the times.

In the twentieth century, the boarding school It is open to enrollment of external students, even if they are from the neighborhoodstart the opening process.

The first girls – The school until then was for boys only – they wouldn’t arrive until 1981; And they wouldn’t win the lottery until 1984.

In the 1990s, with successive educational reforms, the institution was divided into two parts, with the school becoming dependent on the Community of Madrid, while the The residence remains under the auspices of the Madrid City CouncilWith the mission of providing training and shelter for children, boys and girls.

The residence maintains the tradition of children continuing to sing the lottery. in contrast, State Assembly Lottery and state gambling He undertakes to finance education – including university – for those who do not have the resources for it.

Currently, San Ildefonso is A reflection of the community of central Madrid, a true mirror of diversity and pluralismwith boys and girls of as many nationalities as those who reside in the neighborhoods of La Latina, Los Osterias.

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There are many stories and legends about the connection of “lucky kids” with the Christmas lottery. It is the first occasion They sang a lottery in 1771 and Carlos III was king. However, it would not be until 1812 when the first drawing of the Modern lottery, as we know it today. Since then, the history of the school has been linked to the most participatory raffle.

By then, San Ildefonso was already one of the most popular institutions in the capital, targeting orphans and abandoned children since its creation in the 15th century with the Catholic Monarchs. Its early foundations make it the oldest organization dedicated to children in Madrid. It was treated as an orphanage until democracy, indeed 1988 ended its development Differentiate between college and boarding school.

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The most widespread belief is that children actually sang a lottery in the streets and squares in exchange for alms, and in the first lottery the Foundation received 500 riyals, a figure that was enough to cover expenses for several months. So and because Funded by donationsmanaged to make this fact a tradition to ensure a secure annual income.

Involve the girls to sing the Christmas lottery

In this edition will participate in An unusual Christmas draw for 32 students, including 10 boys and 22 girls. This is a big difference that comes after many years.Years only men sang. In 1981 the girls were admitted and entered 1984 they begin to appear in front of the drums.

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