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The countdown to the celebration of the 2022 Christmas lottery draw has begun. Most of the citizens have already begun Buy your tenths – On sale since July – to take part in the long-awaited event, and although there are still those who continue to wait in departments to buy their numbers, more and more are choosing to buy the Christmas lottery online.

players have Two options to buy tenths. On the one hand, there is the possibility of obtaining each one separately, but this is not the only way. It is not surprising that tickets are also obtained through engagements that are very frequent in companies, families or groups of friends. This way in case any prize is touched, The money will be shared among all participants.

In case if Involved, Christmas pull ballots or tickets, you must remember that They don’t have support Lottery and state gambling. Generally, they hand out a tenth’s value, hence their discounted price. they A contract between two parties. Buyer invests a small amount in a number (or more) that, if it matches the winning number, will give its owner a part. It’s a system It cannot be used by ordinary lottery dealersbut they must be individuals who implement it.

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Ballot papers are usually distributed among several people, It is convenient that The data is written From the participants and the person who buys and manages it to avoid problems on receipt, if the ticket is awarded.

Who should manage the shares Reliance before the tax authority that the award will be distributed, So that it is not considered a donation, which means paying inheritance and gift tax. The manager charges them Through a bank, attesting the names, surnames and ID of the participants, who will receive the corresponding part of the prize.

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What you need to know about posts

  1. The subscription organizer assumes a payment obligation For those who bought it in case there is a prize. Responsibility rests exclusively with him, without it being possible to sue state lotteries and gambling. This is a contract between two parties only.

  2. You must indicate the draw and the date in which you participated (For example, the 2021 Christmas Extraordinary Draw, scheduled for December 22). And also number ten, the total amount played with and notwithstanding the additional donation to the corresponding charitable cause, in the case of associations. It should be noted that it is a “donation” and not an “additional cost” in reference to the withholding applied by the Treasury.

  3. The company name or full name must also be mentioned The person who organizes the sale of shares, with ID and mailing address, because he will be addressed if the ticket is awarded.

  4. Ballots must show that 20% of the jackpot will go to the treasury. 2013 was the first year these prizes were taxed, and Loterías y Apuestas del Estado has since recommended that you include this notice to avoid claims. Any winner can request full payment from the organizer, if this is not indicated on the ballot.

  5. It must be clearly stated – whether in a color photo – The number played on the door or bulletin board of the company or union that issued the ballot. This avoids the possible sale of fake shares. The more people who know the number and design of the ballot, the lower the chance that bogus ballots will be distributed.

  6. Beware of selling shares of alleged charities: We can detect them if they have very low prices (around 4 or 5 euros) or also check if the ticket shows the total amount you participate in, the charity organization or cause to which it is addressed and the tenth number.

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