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After spending two of the strangest years of Christmas celebrations, We are facing the end of 2022 The illusion of enjoying a full and happy Christmas like before the pandemic. cohabitation with Covid more than normal And the threat of restrictions is almost forgotten already, Spanish homes Those wishing to organize a family reunion Huge with a festive atmosphere and a great desire to celebrate life. On this mission, one of the most classic accompaniments He is the one shown on TVwhich are active long hours in this type of meeting.

Christmas Eve programming

the good night Who is this 2022 It will undoubtedly be The most normal since the chaotic celebration of 2020 Because of the epidemic, with a return Family meetings At its best. However, the Christmas programs of the TV channels will continue to comply with the formulas that have conquered the public on many occasions in recent years.

You won’t miss it La 1 music specials, special editions of competitions of all channels and news such as the concert by Telecinco with Jesús Vázquez and Verónica Dulanto as announcers. And as usual in recent years, we cannot forget Telepasión 2022, which among others will feature Ana Obregon and Boris Izaguirre, in its second year in a row.

The night will start on La 1 at 9:00 pm with a message King Philip VI from the Palacio de la Zarzuela, and at 9:15 p.m. it will give way to teleportation On Christmas Eve, La 2 (7:30 pm) will broadcast the traditional Misa del Gallo, which Pope Francis will celebrate from St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. After HM (21.00), Antena 3 may bet again “The best of every home”As I did in 2021, together with Atresmedia broadcasters, with a selection of the 50 funniest, sexiest, and most surprising images from the group’s channels this year. Quattro will have to confirm its return to present the best cinema, and Telecinco has given the go-ahead for two Christmas and New Year’s Eve specials that it will present. Jesus Vasquez and Veronica Dolanto.1. Ana Obregon and Mario Vaquerizo will present “Telepasión 2022” Ana Obregon and Mario Vaquerizo will present “Telepasión 2022”

In addition to giving Campanadas, Ana Obregón will be giving this Christmas at La 1 “Telepassion”, The special Christmas Eve in which RTVE professionals experience the most musical evening of the season. This year she will do so in the company of Mario Vaquerizo.

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2. Telepassion (The 1)

Ana Obregón never loses her smile or her illusion. And much less so close to some special dates like that of birthdays. After a very difficult season on a personal level, with the loss of her loved ones, her parents and her son, the TV presenter once again shared optimism. Telepassion 2022, especially on TVE’s Christmas Eve. As it already happened in 2021, Ana Obregón is back in action again with Boris Izaguirre, the second year in a row for this Christmas adventure. For this reason, he shared these photos in which he showed that he lent his voice to the most beloved and emblematic show on Christmas Eve in Spain.

3. Telepassion (The 1)

Ana Obregon isn’t the only one preparing to be engaged to her Telepassion 2022. meteorologist Martin Barrero They shared in their networks their cooperation with her Ann Igartiboroan RTVE classic, for the Christmas dates in one of the musical numbers planned for this new edition of La 1’s music and dance show.

4. Telepassion (The 1)

In fact, the entire TVE meteorological team is focused on recording Telepasión 2022. This is how Nuria Cerro joked in her networks about the “possibility of rain” as the votes prepare for next Christmas. You have to admit that there is no shortage of humor!

5- “Christmas Eve” (Telecinco)

Mediaset is betting again on Telecinco’s Christmas programming on music festivals. Telecinco has already given Well to two specials on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. In addition, the festivals will be presented by Jesús Vázquez and Verónica Dulanto, who will succeed Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat.

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6- “The best of every home” (Antena 3)

On Christmas Eve, after your majesty’s letter, you will probably present Antena 3 like every year.The best of every home‘, to the presenters of Atresmedia, with a selection of the top 50 funniest, shocking, and amazing … Group series in 2021.

7. Musical Special (La 1)

the good night He has had a musical touch on La 1 for years thanks to his commitment to the famous artists of our country to liven up the evening. The year 2022 was led by two Spanish singers representing two generations separated by several decades: Anna Toroga s Etana. Each of them had their own music with many fellow professionals. We’ll have to wait and see which one gets picked in 2022.

Christmas programming

But before December 25 there are many milestones that will open the 2022 Christmas programs, the first of which will be Junior Eurovision. On December 11, the capital of Armenia will host the most Christmas-like version of the youth competition in which the small crystal microphone is contested. This time it is small Carlos Higgs, representing Spain Full of energy and excitement. On December 24, we will wait for the King’s Speech 2022. In addition, the chains have prepared the program for Christmas Eve 2022, which you can consult at this link, and in it the famous Telepassion, concerts on Telecinco and much more. Don’t be missing out. Plus.


One of the essential events for our celebrations for years is the one we have with the kitchens chef. During past festivities we were able to see deliveries Master Chef Junior As for grandfather and grandmother, On this occasion, almost coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the format, we will see a special broadcast of Masterchef Christmas.

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As if that weren’t enough, we will also enjoy a concert with exceptional hosts. Although the network has not yet officially confirmed it, it is rumored that the master of ceremonies for this year’s show will be the Colombian Morat.


As is the case every year, the holiday programming on Antena 3 formats will put its stars as champions. contests like fortune wheel, With Jorge Fernandez As for passwordwith Roberto Leal, They will dress up in unique outfits with the most special guests to make this Christmas day shine even more. Unpublished auditions, a Christmas version of the musical challenge, and the return of beloved contestants would be great pretenses for these shows.

In addition, on December 25, Antena 3 and La Sexta will celebrate the National Day with the best premieres and great classics that always conquer these dates.

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Christmas comes to Mediaset España’s channels with special programming including premieres, concerts, special releases, Christmas content in DIY and the best movie screenings for the whole family.

One of the most anticipated events will be the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, which will be presented in 2022 by Veronica Dolanto and Jesus Vazquez.

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