Christmas Decorations 2022 | How to decorate the tree and the doors of the house for Christmas

Houses are converted during the month of December. In the month in which the daylight hours are shorter than the year, the environment is filled with lights that give the living rooms and bedrooms a warm atmosphere. and that is thanks for the birthday. Despite the fact that the festivities are concentrated in just two weeks, the spirit lasts for at least a month. In fact, many take advantage of the Constitution Bridge holidays to put together a “playlist” with Christmas carols, wear a red and white Santa Claus hat and give homes and apartments a makeover.

The most important item that cannot be missing in any home during the month of December (and the first ten days of January) is fir. It serves to protect the gifts that Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men will bring, as well as to give the environment a priceless atmosphere. Now there are many ways to decorate a Christmas tree. It largely depends on whether it is placed indoors or outdoors.

The most important thing when choosing spruce for interiors is that it be Very leafy tree, so that it gives a sense of scale. From there, you have to choose the colors of the decorations correctly. Our suggestion? traditional: red and golden. Also, something that cannot be missing is filling the base with gifts. In this way the base of the spruce can be covered, which is usually not very aesthetic, and the engines warmed up when the real gifts arrive.

The decoration should change if the spruce is placed outside. Because there are few things more beautiful than snow. s The Christmas tree is a perfect setting to look like a good snowfall. Even if we live in a place where this white cloak is only seen on television. Nowadays, in almost all decoration stores you can find balls and other decorations with snowflakes.

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And there is another element that decoration can completely change the atmosphere of a home. And he welcomes all guests. The doors are also a classic of Christmas atmosphere. To get it, you can buy Ready-made crown or make it at home.

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If the second option is preferred, need:

  • fir branches;

  • artificial mistletoe

  • Stone cones

  • Small artificial apple

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Silk bends of the desired color

  • green wire

And then you just have to follow a few Easy steps:

  • Using the green wire as a base, place the fir branches in a circle.

  • With the help of more pieces of wire, place the apple, mistletoe, pineapple and cinnamon sticks, creating a harmonious composition.

  • Make a silk bow and place it on top.

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