Chinese balloons and satires Netflix

On February 3 at approximately 9:00 pm local time, 50 out of 150 gigs A Norfolk Southern Company train left the track while passing through East Palestine, Ohio, a town of just over 4,500 residents north of Pittsburgh. Panic began to spread: it was a dangerous goods train containing chemical products and combustible materials.

Among the materials was vinyl chloride, which is a highly toxic and flammable product. fire which occurred after the derailment causing forced smoke evacuation Immediately for residents of areas near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border A radius of between 1.5 and 3 kilometers about the event.

The image of the train explosion was recorded in the retinas of many Americans.

After 12 days had passed, the information had been widely filtered and the authorities’ response had not helped stop it Conspiracy theories that erupted instantly.

EPA response

the US Environmental Protection Agency The Environmental Protection Agency has taken upon itself the burden of the investigation. The first thing they determine is the degree of impact that exists on the local fauna and flora, while at the same time looking for the reasons for the deviation from the course.

Derailed carts

Toxic substances include vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, and ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.

The EPA was somewhat cautious in the early days. It wasn’t until February 10tha week after the event, when the agency confirmed that 20 of those 50 derailed wagons were transporting materials such as butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate and ethylene glycol mono-butyl ether, Apart from martyrdom and fears vinyl chloridewhich are released into the soil and into the environment.

Two days later, on February 12th, after conducting relevant examinations in the cities through which the toxic cloud caused by the fire had passed, they announced that It was free of “contaminants of concern”, despite the fact that strange smells could still be seen. The EPA and the Columbiana County Emergency Management Agency were referring to 290 homes in eastern Palestine: they claimed No detection of vinyl chloride or hydrogen chloridewhich are potentially lethal substances that could be in the environment.

However, those who decided to go home or moved closer to the area complained not only of smells, but also of smells. Serious respiratory problems, stomach problems, vision… In addition, the many photos of dead fish and frogs in nearby rivers have raised concerns about the spread of A Mass poisoning Which they were supposedly trying to hide.

The press looks to the sky amid the railway crisis

This event occurred in the midst of the relative hysteria caused by the presence of Chinese balloons in various parts of the United States. While the news about the Ohio train was relegated to the background, those focused on the presence of those airmen of foreign origin Dominate front pages and editorials from the news.

Conspiracy theorists claim that this media silence is due to the alleged power of Southern Norfolk, in particular, and trains in general within the American “establishment”. Phrases like that Joe BidenWho called for calm and recalled the importance of the country’s railway industry did not help calm those who actually see deep throats and black hands behind this incident.

“Closing the railroads will destroy our economy. Without the freight railroad, many American industries will shut down.”

Joe Biden

President of the United States

The president’s words come in a very specific context: the American railroad crisis. At the end of 2022, a general strike in the sector has been averted Explicit salary increase of 24% for five years, among other measures, after a law was approved in just two days. Although everything seemed to be resolved, after the accident in Ohio, there were those who joined the points.

According to these theories, Norfolk Southern derailed the train in Ohio to pressure the federal government into making more decisions in its favor. There is no evidence in this regard, but there are a few sectors, including sectors The most extreme wing of the American rightwho recorded it.

Expect Netflix

As the clouds dissipated, be it the train fire or the plot, Netflix watched as a movie from its vast catalog came back into fashion because of the incident in Ohio.

This is “white noise” or “background noise”. This movie, which went largely unnoticed at the time, is based on a 1985 book, in which some people are forced to evacuate a city after a train has an accident and causes… Toxin blast Up in the air.

It just so happened that a family from Ohio who participated in the shoot as extras were among the evacuees.

Both the book and the movie are based on a real event that happened in and around India It caused nearly 4,000 deaths. Something that, for now, didn’t happen at the event in Ohio.

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