China warns the US that ‘if you don’t step on the brakes, there will be conflict’

China’s new foreign minister Chen gangreleased this Tuesday to the media of the Chinese National Assembly, which reserves one day of its annual meeting to assess its diplomacy and launch its key international messages.

As a former ambassador to the United States, there was much anticipation to hear from Chen Gang, but the regime again limited the presence of foreign journalists, especially foreign correspondents, deepening the secrecy that has only increased during the pandemic.

For the rest, there’s nothing new under the sun and, again, pre-agreed with select media Prevent sensitive issuessuch as Xinjiang and human rights, and that Beijing can direct the discourse on the issues that concern it most.

Despite hopes placed on Qin Gang to improve relations with Washington and mitigate the increasingly aggressiveness of Chinese diplomacy, he was happy to deal with China’s main adversaries: United States and Japan.

What is at stake is the future of humanity.

To the White House, and to a question from NBC television, he warned that “If the United States does not hit the brakes and continues to accelerate down the wrong path, no amount of goodwill can prevent it from collapsing and there will certainly be conflicts and confrontations.” And if that happened, he asked himself, “Who will bear the disastrous consequences?” He warned, “This competition is a reckless bet At stake are the fundamental interests of the two peoples and even the future of mankind.

As an example, he gave the recent episode of alleged Chinese spy balloons over the United States, which he described as “a completely unexpected incident caused by force majeure.” Chen Gang sharply criticized their destruction because “although the United States did not believe they posed a physical threat, in violation of international laws and norms, it acted with presumption of guilt, overreaction, abuse of force, and dramatization of the incident to create a crisis.” Diplomacy could have been avoided. In his opinion, “the incident can reveal something fundamental. In this case, the United States’ perception of China is seriously distorted. It sees China as the main competitor and challenge. This is the first wrong button to press.” For this reason, he lamented that “the relationship between China and the United States has deviated from the rational and correct line,” but did not explain the mission of these balloons or why they appeared in various parts of the world.

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Taiwan is part of the “holy land of the Republic”

In addition to accusing Washington of trying to contain Beijing, which he believes “will not make America great or prevent China from rejuvenating,” he sent other messages to the White House related to Taiwan. Upon reading the Chinese constitution, he insisted that this island was, “de facto”, independent but claimed by Beijing Part of the “Sacred Lands of the People’s Republic” And it is a safeguarded duty to achieve the reunification of the motherland ».

He said it was China’s internal affair, and rejected any outside interference and called for “peaceful reunification”. But he retained “the option to take all necessary measures” and noted that “China’s anti-secession law expressly addresses this point: if it is violated, we must act accordingly.” In other words, Beijing will act with military force if Taiwan officially declares independence.

Giving a good account of its significance, he noted, “The Taiwan issue is the core China’s core interests And the cornerstone of establishing relations with the United States, as well as the first red line that should not be crossed in these relations ». That is why he urged the White House not to “interfere in China’s internal affairs” and compared the situation to Ukraine. “Why does the United States talk about respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity while not respecting China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity regarding the Taiwan issue? Why does the United States ask China not to supply arms to Russia while continuing to sell arms to Taiwan?

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