Chilwell speaks bluntly about mental health: ‘Stigmas are absurd’

no.Or every day you see him The absolute elite player to talk about mental health. And less with the nature that she made Ben Chilwell In the press conference held during the focus of the English team. “The stigma around it is really ridiculous.”emphatically emphasized on the left side of Chelsea.

In the same entry, Chilwell admitted publicly that “It’s been several years of talking to someone [sobre salud mental]” . The player did not stop there, but spoke openly about the benefits of treatment on him:The way you helped me makes me think it can help anyone“.

The tabs on this topic should disappear.

Ben Chilwell, English footballer

I also regretted it How negative is the football environment for him, especially the male oneOn the one hand, silence is the rule. “I said so, Tabs about it are something that should be removed at some point.”

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