Chile’s ambassador to Spain apologizes after some controversial personal photos were leaked

Chile’s ambassador to Spain, Javier Velasco, has corrected his criticism of his country’s policy over the past 30 years and promised to be more careful after the leak Two photos from his personal life sparked controversy in Chile.

Velasco referred to the controversies he was involved in after his criticism of the transitional period after the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, as well as to the images in which he appeared. Introduce her partner in her car He presumably eats lobster in a restaurant, as Bio-Bio Chile reports.

The social convergence campaigner, President Gabriel Borek’s party, gave an IT presentation at the Foreign Relations Committee session of the Chilean Senate, in which Senators Ivan Moreira (UDI) and José Miguel Insulza asked him what he thought of these episodes and if he made some kind of self-criticism.

“It was in no way to personally attack or offend those who were part of the governments during that time. It was a systematic analysis. It was not in my best interest to offend and I sincerely apologize for that. Despite this, I think it is very important not to We ignore the discussion about inequality in our country,” Velasco noted during his speech.

According to Chile’s ambassador to Spain, the social outbreak that occurred in his country in 2019 is “something that happens in the face of the discomfort that builds up over a period of time.”

However, he noted, “undoubtedly” all Chileans, especially those from humble families, have been able to reach places like those he occupies thanks to the fact that Chile “has grown exponentially during the past thirty years”.

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He confirms that his partner uploaded the photos

With regard to personal photos leaked from his social networking sites, Velasco stressed that “in no way will he repeat” something like these publications, the newspaper gathered.

“Of course I am very self-critical about what happened and I would like to be very certain about this. There was a controversy, which is very painful for me, which is the controversy about this photo that my partner uploaded on his private Instagram account which is now closed,” said the Chilean ambassador .

The diplomat emphasized that this was not the first time his personal publications had been used to criticize his administration in front of the embassy, ​​and that as a family, he and his partner were “deeply affected by the treatment”.

Chilean representative in Spain pTwo weeks ago she received a wake-up call from the Borek governmentwho called for “order and prudence”, after accusing the transitional governments of creating the conditions for a social outbreak in October 2019, Bio-Bio Chile reported.

“The outbreak of these dimensions is not easy. To get there, it took 30 years of policies that have deepened inequality, 30 years of a country realizing this on a daily basis, Velasco said during a forum in Madrid held by the Nueva Economy Forum.

After the statements, one of his photos spread widely. Specifically, the national actor was seen in the back of the car caressing his partner’s bare feet, according to AND radio.

A second photo shows Velasco in a restaurant eating what appears to be lobster. The government explained that it was lobster and that the price was 20 euros.

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