Chile reaches an agreement to draft a new constitution

After ninety new days of intense and tense talks, the political forces agreed last night to start a new constitutional process in Chile representing the commitment made by the parties on September 4, when the first proposal was submitted by the Constituent Congress. It was rejected by a large majority Chileans in a referendum.

The agreement reached by all political parties with parliamentary representation, with the exception of the Republicans (the group of former right-wing presidential candidate José Antonio Caste) is that the election by compulsory universal vote of a constitutional council of 50 citizens must work on the basis of a draft prepared by a committee of 24 experts They are appointed in equal proportions by Senate and House of Representatives.

This committee should also operate guided by the “constitutional grounds” which include Chile agreement Signed and determined in these three months by parliamentarians during negotiations. These seek to prevent the new proposal that emerged from the new coordination committee from being re-established like the initiative rejected by 62% of Chileans in September.

These grounds exclude the possibility of creating a multinational state by reaffirming Chile It is a united and indivisible countrythe decree preserving three powers (executive, judicial and bicameral legislature), and the declaration of Chile as a social and democratic state of rights and obligation to take care of the environment, among others.

The lengthy talks that took place these months, which recorded progress and setbacks in the positions of the ruling party and the opposition, were characterized by the condemnation of many not to repeat the mistakes that led to the failure of the previous constitutional process. For this reason, although a new constitutional body will be elected, it will have only 50 members (the same number as the Senate) and not 155 as the previous Congress; He will have only 5 months of work and not a year, and he will have the active participation of experts who, in addition to having a voice in all cases, They can also reject the rules. Independents on this occasion will not be able to form electoral pacts and may be included only in party lists, and although it will maintain its character as a common body, the seats reserved for the natives will be counted in proportion to the votes obtained by them. candidates.

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The proposed itinerary, which will stand firm once Congress sends in the constitutional reform that allows this agreement to be achieved within the next few days, states that the Assembly of Experts will be installed in mid-January and begin drafting in April. Elections will be held in 2023. Popularity of managers.

The CC will be installed on May 21 and on October 21 the final proposal must be delivered to the country. Chileans must go to the polls in a mandatory referendum for ratification on the last Sunday of November or the first Sunday of December 2023. The agreements that framed the previous initiative remain ineligible by law to participate in this new process.

The agreement was signed by the opponents Renovación Nacional, UDI, Evpoli, Christian Democracy and the Pact of Democratic Socialism (composed of PS, PPD, Radicals and Liberals) and I agree to Dignity, President Gabriel Borik’s group and where they are located in the Democratic Revolution, Social Convergence, Green Regional Social Front , Humanitarian Action, Commons and the Communist Party, a group that scrapped the November 2019 “peace agreement” after the community outbreak is now joining. Likewise, the agreement was signed last night by the Yellow Movements for Chile and Democracy (exDC). which are in the process of legal formation as parties.

incomplete agreement

It took nearly 100 days for the political forces to reach an agreement, because the post-referendum reversal in September convinced many actors that the same previous scheme that they were looking forward to could not be repeated. First the ruling party.

Although the first idea in the opposition was to create a one hundred percent new elected body, with the days and doubts of the rules, the demand was imposed on a group of experts to participate and intervene.

Meanwhile, the ruling party pressed for a body almost as wide as the first, i.e. no less than 100 members, but in the end they had to agree to a proposal of 50 members plus the effective help of experts.

Last week, President Gabriel Borik took part in the talks, made contact with several negotiators and gave signs of openness to the creation of a mixed body (elected council members and appointed experts). “its the bestNo incomplete agreement So we don’t agree »he said at the time.

GOP Sen. Rojo Edwards asserted last night, when explaining why they pulled out of the agreement, that man is the only animal to trip twice on the same stone, endorsing Jose Antonio Cast’s remarks over the weekend that he asserted that Chile “don’t.” It requires a new constitution.

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