Children’s Terms | Controversy in a restaurant in Galicia because children under 12 are not allowed to get off the table

  • A father denounces the conditions for booking with minor children in a Galicia restaurant, which unleashed controversy on Twitter

Concept Adults onlyIt is a controversial fact that is increasingly spreading. If until recently this was common in some hotels, now it has also spread to tourist rental apartments and some bars and restaurants. The point is, age discrimination isn’t legal, so ” The common practice is not denial, but discouragement of families With minor children to book or rent accommodation in the mentioned hotels, ”he explains Jorge FernandezAssociate Professor of Law and Political Science Studies at the University of British Columbia.

The case in question is a fairly obvious example of the latter: a Galician restaurant in Death Coastnamed Hey Faragonhas generated bitter controversy in its networks Reservation policy. It all started with a public complaint on his Twitter account A parent who wants to make a reservation In the above buildings and I found a section that seemed to discriminate against minors.

“I have two young children. I went to book a reservation at a popular restaurant on the Costa da Morte. I read on the internet: ‘Children under 12 must remain seated throughout the meal; If you come with children, please call before booking. “Tell me, is it deterrent, scary, or discriminatory?” You read the letter published by Alfonso Pato.

Controversial terms

The restaurant in question is located at advanced (A Coruña), recognized by Michelin and Repsol guides, and offers a selection of local produce such as shellfish, fish, vegetables and meat. The institution offers customers the opportunity to book a table, but with a pre-list 12 conditions The restaurant requests that all interested persons be consulted in advance.

These terms, which can be consulted on his website, include those which exasperated this Galician father; Plus another pointing to the palace: “If you are coming with children (-12 years old) and/or strollers, call us at (+34) 981 740 42And they’re not the only ones that could be considered controversial, as the place also tries to discourage other types of customers: “In view of our gastronomic offering, we advise against potential reservations for people with allergies to shellfish, vegetarians and/or vegetarians.” “.

The tweet is already piling up Almost 14,000 views And caused Heated discussion among users from the social network. While some support the father and consider these conditions offensive and unfair, many see this rule as appropriate and blame the parents: “This rule is set for parents who let wild children disturb the rest.”

Explanation of the restaurant: a security issue

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As a result of this controversy, El Español newspaper consulted those responsible for the establishment, who defended that they set conditions in the interest of clients: “We like to warn everything so that there are no misunderstandings,” he says.

According to the building owners, regulations relating to minors Answering a question related to the safety of the children themselves, in which a minor was injured while playing with one of the windows in the dining room and that they also had the case of a child who got lost outside the building, near the mountain. “A lot of people call us when they see these warnings on the web and we tell them everything,” they explain.

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