Chef José Andrés puts an end to the potato omelet controversy

Few dishes stir up so much emotion and discussion at the same time as a potato omelet. It is one of Spain’s greatest gastronomic stars, and although it is a simple dish to prepare, there are many who say that making a good potato omelette is no easy task. There are many differences that extend to how potatoes are cut and fried or cooking preferences in one form or another, but the argument always remains the same: Is it better with or without onions?

José Andrés, one of Spain’s best culinary ambassadors to the world, recently decided to put himself in the eternal debate over potato omelettes on his personal blog. There he revealed to the United States the Spanish battle over how to make this delicacy and the ingredients, explaining that when it comes to tortillas, Everyone in Spain seems to have their own way. He did not doubt it and declared himself “concebolist”.

“I feel like cooking (and eating) tortillas, The humble Spanish omelette of potatoes, eggs, onions and olive oil, All my life,” the chef remarks, before remembering how “I made an omelette at Universo Barcelona with 50 eggs”: “The painting was about the size of a car tire, and when I flipped it up in the air I was holding my breath… If I messed up and dropped it, I would waste hours having to do it all over again.”

An elite North American chef opened another watermelon on reflection What kind of potato can be used to make a delicious tortilla? There are many who “fry potatoes until golden brown”, while “boil potatoes gently in olive oil”. Others like my friend Ferran Adrià use potato chips instead of potatoes! So many opinions about a dish with so few ingredients! “, Debunking Jose Andres, who uncomplicatedly advocates the use of potato chips to make tortillas.

Who is Chef Jose Andres?

Jose Andres He is a Spanish-American chef well known for his work in the culinary world, having received numerous awards and accolades for his unique and innovative approach to food. Founder ThinkFoodGroup, A company with several restaurants and other food-related businesses, it also hosts several popular TV shows, such as Made in Spain and “Spain…on the road again”.

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He is a highly respected figure for his strong advocacy of nutrition education and has been involved in many initiatives to promote healthy eating and Fighting food waste. In 2009, he founded the non-profit organization World Central Kitchen, which works to provide food to people in need around the world.

In 2011 he was awarded the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic, and in 2017 he was awarded Humanitarian of the Year for his work providing food to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

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