Check Christmas Lottery 2022: Find out if you’ve been awarded the 10th

There are only a few hours left until the Christmas Lottery Celebration 2022 arrives. Everything is ready. Drums, balls and other items needed for drawing They are resting at the Teatro Real Madrid, and the girls and boys of San Ildefonso are ready to perform and extract balls, sing numbers and trophies.

It was put up for sale in a lottery this year 180 million lottery tenths, That is, 180 series that assume 8 more than last year. In this way, the issuance will reach 3,600 million euros, of which 70%, or what is the same, will be distributed in this year’s lottery with a total 2,520 million euros.

If you want to check if you are one of the lucky ones, you can do so here:

How much is playing in Christmas Gordo 2022?

The first prize, known as “Gordo” It will distribute 400,000 euros to the tenth. The second prize will be awarded 125,000 euros to the tenth, while it will be the third 50,000 euros The fourth prizes will be 200,000 euros And eight-fifths 60,000 for the series.

You have to divide by ten to calculate the money each tenth gets if given the number, leaving the distribution as follows:

How long can you buy the 2022 Christmas Lottery?

The lottery departments for ticket purchases will continue to be open until next December 21st afternoon. It depends on the schedule of the different departments of each city and city, but it will be until about 8:30 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. On the 21st, the date before the day of the Christmas lottery, we can get the ticket and get a license to dream.

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If you don’t get to the administration on time and it’s already closed, there’s still one last chance for the most ignorant: online shopping. Specifically, through the State Lottery and Betting website, tenths will continue to be sold to 10:00 p.m On December 21, 2022.

How do I get my Christmas lottery number?

It is common for bettors to have a certain number in mind and want to find it by all means. It is not always easy to go to a department and get the desired number, since authorized lottery sellers only have a few numbers available. So, sometimes it is appropriate Research any department or departments in the country where it is being sold.

So, The easiest way to use Our search engine, with which you can check exactly in which departments the long-awaited number is available. Once you enter the search numbers, this tool will provide a list of points of sale with the address and the city you belong to.

How many lottery tenths does a number have?

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In 2011 it was implemented that only 100,000 numbers could be given, those ranging from 0 to 99,999. The magic of the Christmas lottery lies in the fact that it exists 1700 th each number for sale Not that everything is sold out. With this it may happen that the jackpot is not distributed as it should be.

In this edition, a total of 180 million tenths Put up for sale. Thus, the number consists of 180 strings of 100,000 digits each. String or number containing Ten tenths So eat One of 100,000 balls Those in the hype will get 1,700 out of ten.

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