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the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) has published its latest study, which ranks supermarket chains operating in Spain according to their price: This analysis determines who are the most expensive and cheapest distributors on averageIn addition to developing a economical basket And another brand to identify which companies are cheaper to buy each one.

In addition to the ranking of the cheapest supermarkets, where “Sneaked” into first place once Andalusian seriesalso analyzes the impact of inflation on the shopping cart: on the date of the study’s publication, September 27, the shopping cart contains 13% increase And as he had already decided months ago, choosing the cheapest company Saving an average of €994 per yearbut he can This figure has been raised to 3,500 euros in some cities.

To prepare this study, OCU relies on a shopping cart of 239 essential food and drug products. With regard to the listed companies, the entity visited them 1,180 properties from 65 price comparison sites for over 173,000 products.

Andalusian supermarket, cheapest prices in Spain

OCU analysis specifies What is the thread supermarkets Cheaper in Spain. The purpose of this information is Giving consumers choices so they can plan their purchases and significant savings on your annual spending, which can amount to nearly 1,000 euros.

The Andalusian string in question is Danny’s supermarket: a company focused on “always providing the best prices and products to our customers” 64 years ago in Granada which currently has 19 stores throughout the community.

Although Danny shares the platform with another Locally sourced supermarketTifer, in the “cheapest series” category; It is also still the cheapest supermarket in the Fresh Basket. Danny and Tiffre Family Cash, Alcampo and Subco follow in the cheapest chain category.

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Regarding the economy basket, the cheapest option is Hybridne (a supermarket with a presence in the Canary Islands); in the basket of brands, Sanjoy It is the best choice to make your purchase.

The cheapest supermarket in Malaga

Dani, the cheapest supermarket chain in Spain, has it two institutions in Malaga province: the first opened in 1995, on Avenida de la Legión, in Antequera; The second, its recent opening, is on Calle Inca in Fuengirola.

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