Cheap flights and destinations for the Easter holidays 2023

all There is less time so that you have put the Easter Holiday 2023. There are many plans that cover these dates. between them, Mobilization of millions of people throughout the national territory to enjoy the different cultural ceremonies and traditions enjoyed by the different autonomous communities of Spain to a greater or lesser extent.

Other people these days choose to take time off Traveling outside Spain and getting to know other countries and cities. In this case, it must be borne in mind that plane tickets have seen an astounding price hike in the past year as a result of higher energy and fuel prices. Therefore, it may be useful to many to know Tips for finding cheap flights And Take advantage of the offers launched by companies.

Tricks to find cheap tickets

  • Compare prices: is on the Internet Numerous digital pages and portals Where you can buy your flight ticket, eg dreamz also rowingso it is easy to find competitive price And according to your initial budget.

  • Flexibility in appointments: usually cheaper to fly during the week, So it is important to have this flexibility. The best of days Monday also Tuesdaywhich are the days when airlines launch their offers.

  • Research (and book) in advance: If the day of the trip is known, it is recommended to book in advance to get the best possible rate.

  • cabin bag: There are many airlines that have fares ‘low cost’ But, if you want to travel with a big bag, you have to pay a very expensive cost.

  • nearby airportsIt can sometimes be cheaper to fly to an airport that is a little further away from the airport opposite your destination.

  • Reject add-onsThere are airlines that charge a fee for checking in or selecting a seat. Declining these add-ons can also save us something.

  • hidden mode: If you are looking for flights using the browser without incognito mode, it may be more expensive to do so on the same days later.

Cheap flights from Madrid for this holy week

the gate Skyscraperone of the most popular flight comparators on the market, has developed a List of cheap destinations* to visit this Holy Week From different parts of Spain.

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1. Lisbon

“The Portuguese capital is a classic city among cheap Easter destinations,” says the search engine. A city with somber tones, with many monuments, nightlife and delicious cod fish dishes. Return trips from €54 (from Barcelona).

2. Prague

One of the most romantic cities in Europe is also one of the cheap Easter destinations,” says Skyscanner. Return flights from €72 (from Barcelona).

3. Sophia

“Sofia is one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe,” Skyscanner explains. Round trips for €93 (from Valencia).

4- Budapest

Return trips from 80 euros (from Barcelona).

5. Tangiers

“Proximity to Spain makes Morocco one of the cheap Easter destinations,” the platform reveals. Return trips from 64 euros (from Seville).

6. Sicily

“The Mediterranean diet would be the perfect complement to this cheap Easter treat destination,” sums up the comparison. Return trips from €82 (from Valencia).

7. Tunisia

“Little Tunisia is a North African jewel. Besides, one of the cheap Easter destinations,” Skyscanner assures. Round trips from €151 (from Madrid).

8. Barley

Malta and the inhabited islands that surround it (Gozo and Comino) are a good budget destination for this Holy Week, ”according to the search engine report. Round-trip flights from 38 euros (from Valencia).

9. Athena

Related news

The long and difficult economic crisis into which Greece has plunged has turned Athens into one of the most sought after cheap destinations for Easter, ”Skyscanner sums up. Round-trip flights for 150 euros (from Madrid).

10. Bratislava

The capital of Slovakia is one of the cheap Easter destinations that tends to stay in the shadow of other nearby capitals: Vienna, Prague and Budapest ”, the comparison offers round-trip flights for 90 euros (from Madrid).

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