CHATGPT | Fake Amazon reviews generated by AI

ChatGPT file has become Maximum revolution Intelligence industrial today. This system, as everyone knows, is able to respond to you and do whatever you ask of it. Although it solved your doubts and made many functions more enjoyable, also Take a risk.

This is what large companies like Amazon have suffered from. The world’s largest producer giant found out Some of his written reviews online, Commenting on some of their products are written by this AI.

Because of this problem, many companies have decided to make manual patches and use tools to remove it. According to a CNBC report, some of the company’s products such as textbooks, car batteries, mirrors, etc., It has reviews written by ChatGPT.

Detect a review by ChatGPT

But the problem is not only with the reviews written by this intelligence, but these ratings do not even try to hide that they come from this artificial intelligence, as they begin with a sentence: “As a model for AI language”, Which is what breeds famous Chat bot OpenAI when told to do something it is “supposed” not to do.

It has become difficult for professionals to know how to identify right and wrong revisions, although the key to locating them is simple. On the one hand, they can Check the profile or history to see if this person (or bot) have similar ratings. If so, it is because the creator is an artificial intelligence.

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And on the other hand, if it starts with the aforementioned stuffing It is clear that “as a language model for artificial intelligence” is a response produced by the robot.

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Amazon responds

The company said in Vice: “We have False reviews have a zero tolerance And we want Amazon customers to shop with confidence knowing that the reviews they see are authentic and trustworthy. We comment and ban and We take legal action against those who violate these policies and We remove false commentss. We have teams dedicated to spotting and investigating fake review brokers. Our expert investigators, lawyers, analysts and other professionals track down brokers, collect evidence about how they operate, and then take legal action against them.”

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