Charlie and the Tofu Factory

Newspaper The Daily Telegraph It was published this weekend that Roald Dahl’s children’s books have been re-released with a few tweaks aimed at getting rid of potentially offensive words or concepts and making them suitable for all anaphylaxis. The Puffin Company and the writer’s heirs, millionaires thanks to copyright, colluded to commit An outrageous act of censorshipTo make it easier for them to continue selling. How hard, and at the same time how soft, is the business of publishing in these times governed by intensity, and fixed in a perpetual grievance.

Terms have been changed and entire paragraphs have been removed from such stories Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryAnd Matilda also James and the Giant PeachTo make sure we can all continue to enjoy it today.” “Add them some cool magic.”said Netflix, the current owner of the Roald Dahl Story Company that manages the legacy of the writer who died in 1990, and which promotes musicals and series based on his stories.

And so, the champions Witches are not bald, and they do not hide in professions such as typists or cashiers, but work as scientists or business women. James’s Cloud Men and a giant peach become “cloud people” and Sponge aunt is no longer fat. Matilda does not read Joseph Conrad and Kipling but Jane Austen, and her headmistress does not have a “horse face”.

There is no more ugly or crazy. The Oompa Loompa are no longer little men, but rather gender-neutral “little people”. These Willy Wonka slaves who are honored to be included in the Oxford Dictionary have evolved over time: Roald Dahl himself changed his appearance as African dwarfs after being accused of racism. It is not known in what harmless form they will be left in future versions, perhaps the broccoli branches that serve to make tofu, because chocolate contains a lot of sugar.

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I don’t think those who have pruned Roald Dahl’s books believe that children are so stupid that they won’t know how to interpret what they read and draw their own conclusions as they have all their lives (wow, Baby Longstocking smokes!). Another consideration deserves those who pass through the box, Giving parents overprotection and shaming. That’s why they hired a consulting firm called Inclusive Minds, a group that defines itself as “passionate about inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children’s literature” to review the work of an author accused of being misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and politically incorrect. , but still squeezable.

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The head of the British government, Rishi Sunak, graciously declined Dealing with children’s booksasserting that “when it comes to our rich and diverse literary heritage, the Prime Minister agrees with the BFG (in Spanish The big, well-meaning giantanother short story by the same writer) that we should not devour” (a word invented by Dahl to translate to tamper with language).

He also put the shriek into the sky Salman Rushdie, with disastrous consequences after the recent assassination attempt on her by an Islamist who spent half his life in hiding after a blasphemy decree calling for his death issued by Ayatollah Humayni for publishing the “Satanic Verses”. Let’s see if the publisher comes after all this pain in thirty years and renames it The Seraphic Kisses, putting a little pair of scissors here and there so it doesn’t bother anyone.

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