Changes to Twitter: This will be the daily limit for tweets

Changes to the great social network, Twitter, since the arrival of Elon Musk Little by little they are fulfilled. One of the latest news announced by the entrepreneur is that he is going to put up a Limit the frequency of tweets performed by the user within the platform. The different accounts in the social network are expected to receive a file Message about exceeding the limit per day to post in the app.

Again, controversy has not been long in coming, as it always happens when news regarding the limitation of user activity is announced.

How many tweets can be posted per day?

on a page Twitter Help Centerindicating that the number of tweets allowed by the application is 2400 per day They also warned that Retweets count, too. There is still a question about how many tweets can be made in the intervals, however, some individual and business accounts have already received the error message when trying to tweet more than once per hour.

regarding Direct message Among the users of the platform, the social network indicates that the total 500 messages a day.

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In the same way, the the number of accounts that can be followed on a daily basis, Although the rules in this aspect practically remain the same. The only difference would be for accounts already following 5,000 users, who must stick to a certain percentage.

Characters are expanded for each Tweet

Another novelty, announced from the platform’s official Twitter account, is the extension of the character limit per tweet. So far they have been 280, But I know will expand to 4 thousand, Although this feature will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

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